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Since I'm bored.... Time for a new game.

The way it works is you come up with a phrase where each word starts with one in order of the 5 letters left by the person before you. Then you leave 5 letters for the next person.


So if IRLBE was left I would post:

"I really love baby elephants.



Then the next person could post:

"Throwing red hats requires distrust.


And so on. The phrases don't have to make sense, just have fun.


Starting with: 


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19 minutes ago, AfterGeometry said:

Hey Zhev how about the phrase doesn't have to make sense but it should be grammatically correct and say "something" and not just random words that start with those letters???  

A King Reads the Gospel 



I mean that is implied by phrase. 

Someone drew super duper ovals.



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