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Mentoring and Discipline available for females from mature couple

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I would like to introduce myself to the group.  I am a longtime spanker and my wife and I practice domestic discipline.  We would like to provide mentoring and if necessary corporal punishment to females who are searching for non sexual spankings.  We would both be involved with an aim of providing  structure and accoutability.  We are just a very normal couple who know from experience the benefits of spanking to help in meeting goals and keeping a person on track.  We hope to hear from newbies and those who have been in spanking situations before but for one reason or another their needs are no longer being met.   We will not take everyone but will interview anyone who would like to find out if what you are searching for is something we feel we can deliver.

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Welcome! I’m sure you’ll find this a wonderful group to discuss corporal punishment and it’s accoutrements. Were I closer to you, I’d have my hand raised 😊.

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Welcome to the site Hope you enjoy it here and find what you are looking for,

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