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Does any spankees here ever get a spanking otk with the slipper?

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hi just wondering does anybody get the slipper OTK ? IT Just seems to me to be very old fashioned impliment and wondering if it is used a lot reminds me of uk cartoon comic chacharters and does a slipper hurt ? never had the slipper?

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I have been slippered with a plimsoll, a slipper (both soft and rigid), and a sandal. Honestly... I just didn't think any of them hurt that much. Yes, I still felt them, but I anticipated more sting and it was just a dull thud. The sandal had the most sting.

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A good slippering or a session under a gym shoe (plimsoll) was very common in my early life. This I know from experience. 

As to the severity, there was no mistaking the results of such spankings for quite a while afterwards. 

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My first adult spanking was an ok one with a carpet slipper. Not particularly painful but stingy enough to get my attention. 

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Not a slipper, but I’ve been spanked with a rubber flip-flop that my lady friend found convenient to use on my butt.
Very “sting-y!” 😊 

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I would have no interest in hitting someone with a shoe when there are so many more interesting implements 😈

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16 hours ago, Spanknutt said:

I would have no interest in hitting someone with a shoe when there are so many more interesting implements 😈

I agree. Shoes are dirty, and it lacks creativity.

Now, if I could find some antique dancing slippers with a leather bottom that I could clean to be used exclusively for spanking, I would add it to my arsenal (I am a bottom, but I have a collection of implements for my top's pleasure - some of them I would like to burn, but I am digressing).

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There are Slippers and then there are SLIPPERS. Do not confuse a soft thick foamed sole of a carpet slipper with that of a half inch sole of solid rubber of a plimsoll.

My spank partner often used to get it on our play days and in terms of feeling it she put in order of stinging to tickling the slipper first, then cane, then hairbrush, spoon, hand.

When she was to get over my lap knowing the slipper was to be her fate she always was nervous. A solid plimsoll type slipper landing on a bared bottom from shoulder height is not an easy option...

As for being ‘dirty’, use a new one specifically for use on bottoms and it won’t be dirty?

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