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Scolding during the spanking

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Absolutely. Love to lecture/scold before, and during a spanking. Always using a calm tone; never raise my voice. During aftercare, lecture morphs into a more soothing tone while applying lotion (if I remember to bring some).

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For a punishment spanking I got  long scolding before the spanking.  As he  was scolding me,  he would have me undress, below the waist and once naked below the waist,  I had to keep my hand at my sides,  no covering up.   Then during the spanking as I beg him to stop spanking, he was begging me to behave. 

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there's definitely lecturing & scolding happening, mostly before the spanking happens. During the spanking itself, his hand or implement does the talking. there are however spankings where he keeps talking during the spanking with questions I am supposed to answers. that's pretty tough. 

but I do need the lecturing/scolding. it is part of the headspace. otherwise it is just a painful butt, but I need my heart to be touched as well. Physical pain by itself will not cause me to cry easily or even get emotional. It is the combination with his scolding, hearing the disappointment and having to answer questions that will bring the release.

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On 4/24/2021 at 11:38 AM, Am123 said:

It should probably be a mix of the two, I'd say. 

You don't want to spend the entire session scolding them, otherwise you'll just run out of things to say and odds are they won't hear most of it anyway. So I'd say check in every so often to remind them why they're being spanked, ask questions or check that they're still here with you. 


That's the thing. You can so easily get to the point nothing verbally is registering but helping us to be contrite by  limited but skilful scolding and affirming why we earned this spanking helps message to sink in. The importance of checking how we as the spankee are feeling cannot be overstated.

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