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Roanoke VA

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I'm 50 years old, over weight, recently divorce and I'm an intense switch.

I'm really only looking for at least a couple encounters maybe more depends on how things go but total carthetic release spankings, so yeah pretty severe. Non sexual!

I never had much freedom to explore this part of my life since my 20's. I certainly do have some experience from my younger adult days both as top and bottom. Totally open to actually meeting and have an mutual spanking exchange encounter too, female only!

I have a few hard limits but not many. Spanking is my expression of sexuality. Spanking Interest are as follows. . .

-Switch with female only. -Spanking only, nothing anal or sexual encounter or anything else

-No restraints except hands being bound, at spankee/bottom discretion. I might as a spankee.

-Exchange spanking (Very Much, female only).

-Real nonsense, long and not fake spankings.

-Intense spanking oriented.

-Crying and bawling during a spanking is so normal and exciting.

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