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The Discipline House (Roleplay prompt)

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I'm looking for female roleplay partners only. 


I am 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+

The Discipline House has been established in 1954 as a private facility for young ladies. Here, a group of girls are cut off from society to be schooled, brought up and corrected in their behaviour. Corporal punishments. Spankings.
The staff exist out of the headmaster, two teachers and the caretaker.
The facility doesn't house more than 8 girls at the time.

You are send here and the RP revolves around your daily life at the facility.

I'd like this to be long term and open world, a slice of life feel as it goes by day by day. This play won't be about sex *all the time*, and definitely not about bimbo's seducing the staff.

Main kinks: Spanking, discipline, Corporal Punishment.

Secondary Kinks: light BDSM, bondage, MxF, FxF, Dom/sub

Limits: animals, petplay

I'd like to play on Kik Discord. Please message me if you are interested.

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