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Hi all,

I know this is somewhat of a cliche, and I'm sure a new "seeking a mentor" post is made every other day around here, but I thought I would put myself out there and try my hand anyways.

I'm a college student (and the cliche thickens). I'm doing just fine in classes, and in life. 

But sometimes I slip up, and I'm looking for someone to help me with that. I'm looking for an authority figure. 

Here's what I'm thinking; every week- or however often we decide- we meet. We set goals and rules, and during the in-between time, I mark down my success in keeping them. Each meeting, we go over how I did. And, of course, If I didn't do well enough; I am administered discipline.

Here's the caveat; I only want to be administered discipline if I actually earned it. If I did well, no discipline should be given.

If there's anyone out there who might be interested in this kind of arrangement, let me know!

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