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Emily walked quietly down the darkened faculty office hall. She had been honored to be pledged by the Omega Tau Kappa sorority, even though a lot of the activities she had been compelled to take part in didn’t thrill her much. Having to eat her meals standing while the sisters ate sitting in the dining hall made her feel uncomfortably conspicuous, as did having to carry the sisters’ trays to the conveyor line and salute them as they went through the dishwasher window.

But this assignment made her nervous—to slip into Professor Ross’ office and steal a copy of the midterm exam for the sorority files! Her stomach felt all knotted as she looked this way and that, sure someone would discover her. She tried to comfort herself by thinking how grand it would be to be one of the sisters at last. "Here’s the door," she breathed to herself, and slipped in. She pulled out the little penlight the pledge mistress had given her and began looking about the desk for the exam. But Professor Ross seemed to be one of those clean desk people. So she began looking in the drawers, pulling them out as quietly as possible, her heart racing at every little scrape. The exam wasn’t in the main drawer or the ones on the left side, so she began looking in the ones on the right.

The light coming on froze her where she stood. "Well, Emily," Professor Ross rumbled, "fancy seeing you here!" "She looks just like a deer caught in the headlights," he mused, "as most of these sorority pledges do when they’re caught; I really ought to get in the habit of locking my door."

"P-P-Professor Ross!" she squeaked. The knot in her stomach felt like a softball. "Now I’ve done it!" she thought. Stepping forward, he put his hands on the desktop and smiled. "It may be some small comfort to know that you aren’t the only young lady I’ve caught trying to steal an exam paper, Emily—or it may not. Either way, here you are!" he said, quietly but sternly, and added, "which sorority sent you here?"

"O-O-Omega Tau Kappa, sir," she whispered, barely daring to breathe. "I should have known," he muttered, half to himself, "that one accounts for a lot of this sort of thing." Speaking a bit louder, he added, "By the way, thank you for not wasting my time by vainly trying to deny what you were doing." He reached for the telephone on his desk. "You realize what this means, of course. Cheating, or helping others to cheat, is an automatic expulsion offense from this university, and it will go on your record. Any other university sending for your records will be notified of it, and will probably decline to enroll you. This little sorority stunt will be the cause of your forfeiting your further education."

The look on her face when he switched on the light was nothing compared to her present expression—she was almost literally as pale as a sheet of paper now. Her eyes looked as if they would pop from their sockets, as well. He knew what she would be thinking, and what she would probably say next. He was not disappointed. "B-but sir! Isn’t there some other way?" she moaned. She could see her parents’ faces, the anger, the disappointment, and the frustration with her, and she knew she couldn’t face that. Anything but that!

"You realize, of course, that no school can tolerate this type of behavior, Emily," said Professor Ross. "We cannot allow this sort of activity to go unpunished." "Y-yes, sir, I know, but isn’t there something else, some other way than my being expelled?" Emily gasped. Professor Ross fought to keep a half-smile from showing on his face. "You remember that I just said a little while ago that you are not the first young lady I’ve caught doing this?" he said. "Yes, sir," she answered, nervously. "Well, after the first few, I’ve developed an…alternate way to handle this kind of situation," he responded. "One which, while much less than pleasant, has the advantage of remaining anonymous and keeping the student in school. One question—have you reached your eighteenth birthday yet?"

"Yes sir," she whispered. "About a month ago." "Good, " he continued, "You need to be of legal age for this to be a valid choice." He reached into a file that she had not seen and pulled out a form. Her eyes darted nervously back and forth between the paper and his face. Secretly, he relished that look. "This is, as I said, an alternative to the usual procedure, which would be that I would report this incident to the Dean of Students." She licked her lips before responding, "yes, sir, I remember you said that." Her whole insides felt as if they were knotted. What could it be that he had in mind? Whatever it was, she knew she’d have to go through with it—she couldn’t bear the thought of being dismissed from school! "You’re wondering what I have in mind, aren’t you?" he said, watching her face. She nodded, her face a portrait of worry and fear. "It’s something of which I’ve come to feel many of our students have been very much deprived. To put it bluntly, I’m speaking of corporal punishment—specifically, paddling."

Her mouth formed the O he knew would result. "Sir! Surely, you can’t be serious! A paddling? At my age?" "Yes, Emily, I am serious," he responded. "That is your choice—either I turn your name over to the Dean, or you take this other punishment instead. If you do, then that will be the end of it. If not, you go home in disgrace." Emily’s face flushed. She knew she had no choice.

"All right, sir, I’ll take it." He reached to the shelf behind him and took down a paddle, about half an inch thick, with a striking surface about eight inches long by five inches wide. Her eyes widened at the sight of it. She had never been spanked at home, not even when she was little! Professor Ross placed the paddle on the desk, then picked up the form which he had retrieved from the drawer.

"As I said earlier, Emily, the fact that you are eighteen is important, since you are able at that age to enter into binding legal contracts and to give your consent." He placed the form and a pen in front of her. "Please read it aloud and then sign it." She licked her dry lips and began to read in a shaky voice. "I have been caught stealing an exam paper. This is an act of cheating, and I acknowledge that this act will, if reported, lead to my expulsion. I have been offered the alternative of reporting to Professor Ross for a total of three sessions, during which I will be paddled as my punishment. The time and place of these sessions, as well as the duration and intensity of my paddlings, are completely at Professor Ross’ discretion. I surrender of my own free will, without duress, to this punishment. Should I fail to complete the terms of this agreement, Professor Ross will be at liberty to report my misconduct and see that I am expelled. I agree not to bring any charges against him, civil or criminal, for what I will be enduring. He agrees to destroy all records of this affair upon the successful completion of my punishment."

 Emily finished reading, raised her eyes to the professor’s face, then took the pen and signed the document. She was almost successful in keeping her hand from shaking. "Thank you, Emily," said Professor Ross as he took the form from her. He put the form into a folder in the drawer and closed it. "You will report for your first session at 9 o’clock Saturday morning here in this office."

Professor Ross stood behind the desk on Saturday morning, a little before 9 o’clock. He picked up the paddle and tapped it against his palm. A soft knock on the door caused him to turn to face it. "Come in, Emily." Emily walked through the door, wearing a sweatshirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. What immediately caught Professor Ross’ attention was her expression. For someone about to undergo such an ordeal—and an ordeal it would certainly be, he mused—her face seemed strangely calm. Professor Ross walked around the desk with the paddle in his hand, taking hold of the back of a chair. He pulled it in front of his desk, then sat down. He indicated his lap with a wave of his hand. "Please assume the position, Emily."

As she draped herself over his knee, he spied it immediately. "And just what is the meaning of THIS?" he snapped. Emily’s heart seemed caught in her throat. She had been so sure that the magazine she had tucked into her jeans wouldn’t show! "Get up, Emily," he said, sternly. "Did you think I’ve never seen such a trick before? For this, you will take all your paddlings on your bare buttocks! Now pull your jeans off, along with your panties!" "Please, NOOO! " she cried, her face crimson with embarrassment. "Are you refusing to live up to our agreement?" he hissed. "N-n-no, sir," she stammered. "Then do as I say, and be quick about it!"

Crying with shame as well as fear, she untied and removed her shoes, then her jeans, then her panties. As she lay over his knee, she tried to cover herself in front with her hands, desperate to save some shred of modesty. She could hardly believe that he was chuckling! "I’m sorry, Emily, but the irony is just too much," he smiled. "Wh-what do you mean, sir?" she whispered. "Why, the name of your sorority, of course—Omega Tau Kappa, or, in other words, OTK— over the knee! And here your are, over the knee!"

With her hands on the floor and her hair falling all around her face, she cursed the day she had even heard of Omega Tau Kappa! She no longer cared if she made it through or not! Suddenly, she was aware of the paddle resting lightly on her firm little bottom. WHACK!!! She fought for self-control, fought to keep from screaming at the pain! The sting of the blow soon became searing heat on her right buttock. WHACK!!! She sucked her breath in through gritted teeth, moaning. as her left buttock erupted in pain. WHACK!!! She breathed hard; the pain seemed to get worse every time, even though he had not hit the same spot twice. WHACK!!! Her self-control melted. Kicking and squirming, she no longer worried about whether or not she was exposed. She arched her back and screamed! The blows seemed to flow into one another, in a world that was the burning pain in and on her buttocks; she screamed, she sobbed, she blubbered like a small child. All her supposed adult behavior lay in a heap, just like her clothing on the floor. She had no idea a few minutes could take so long; it seemed like hours. Suddenly, Professor Ross was letting her up. She jumped up and down, holding her burning bottom and continuing to sob and blubber for a few minutes. As she regained her composure, she stood, rubbing her bottom, hardly daring to look at him. "Get dressed, Emily," he said quietly. "See you next Saturday."

Emily headed straight for her dorm room, thankful that her roommate had gone home for the weekend, so that she would not have to face her until tomorrow night. Locking the door, she quickly dropped her jeans and panties again, and looked at the reflection in the full length mirror behind the door. She gasped at the sight. Not only was her bottom a dark, angry red, but black and blue marks were already visible. She winced as she explored them with her fingertips. She could still feel the heat, as well. She reached for the aloe vera gel in the medicine cabinet over the sink and gingerly spread it over the area; then, pulling on her clothes again, she headed to the student canteen for breakfast. 

She picked up her tray and looked for an empty booth; the last thing she wanted right now was conversation! But by now, most of the tables and booths were filled, except for one in the corner. Laurie, one of her fellow Omega Tau Kappa pledges, was well into a plate of scrambled eggs and grits. Sighing, Emily crossed over to the booth and slid in opposite Laurie, trying not to wince as she carefully sat down. Laurie looked up and grinned. "Hey, Em!" she smiled. "Whatcha doin’?" Emily hoped she could sound nonchalant. "Oh, breakfast, just like you!" She kept her eyes down on her food and began to eat. But Laurie stared at her. "Em, have you been cryin’?" Emily looked up, her lower lip trembling. "Well, you see, I, I…" Laurie’s eyes went wide. "You have been cryin’! What happened?"

Of all the pledges, she liked Emily the best—the humiliating activities of Pledge Week had bonded them together. "Wanna talk about it?" Emily sighed. "You remember what the Pledge Mistress told me to do the other night?" Laurie nodded. "Well, it didn’t work out so well." She proceeded to tell Laurie the whole story, hesitantly, but finally reaching the conclusion. Laurie’s eyes and mouth both went wide. "He PADDLED you?" she gasped. "Why did you let him?" Emily rolled her eyes. " I didn’t have much of a choice, remember?" she snapped. "It was that or get expelled! And there’s no way that I could face the folks with that! They’re really counting on me to do well here!"

She could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks again, and wondered how she had any left to cry after her ordeal. "Sorry," Laurie whispered, her head down. "And you say that you have to go back the next two Saturdays for more?" She shuddered at the thought. "I just wish I could do something to help!" Emily did her best to smile. "I’m just so glad to have someone to tell it to," she said, "it does make it a little better to get it off my chest!" "Wish I could get it off somewhere else," she groaned inwardly.

Laurie got up, came around, and hugged her tight. "Call me if you need me," she smiled, then picked up her trash, dumped it in the can, and went out the door. The next week went by all too fast. Emily cut all her Monday classes; she was still too sore to think about sitting in those hard chairs so long! She lay on her stomach on the bed with a bag of ice on her bruised bottom that Laurie had been so sweet to bring to her. She tried to keep her attention on the soap opera, but finally turned it off and put on some music instead.

 Tuesday through Friday seemed to fly by. The Pledge Mistress wasn’t exactly the picture of sisterly sympathy. "So Professor Ross caught ya, huh?" she grinned. "Shoulda been more careful!" "Am I still in?" Emily said, not sure if she really cared now. "Umm, okay," the Pledge Mistress grinned, popping her gum. "Guess you really couldn’t help it, couldja? We’ll get that test paper some other time!" Emily sighed, thanked her, and turned to leave. She hoped sisterhood would be worth all this…

Saturday dawned early, and found Emily tossing and turning, too nervous to sleep. She got up, dressed, and headed for Professor Ross’ office, her stomach in knots again. The bruises were almost completely gone, and she finally could sit comfortably—but not for long, she thought miserably. As she rounded the corner, she gasped. There was Laurie standing by Professor Ross’ door! Laurie smiled as she caught her eye. "Been thinkin’ about it, Em; you don’t need to go through this all alone! I wanna be there for ya." As relieved as Emily was, she couldn’t help being worried. "You think he’ll go for this?" she whispered. "What if he goes and turns me in?" Laurie pursed her lips. "Sounds to me as if he’s got his own butt covered with that contract he made ya sign, and you are here for your paddling, so I think it’ll be all right."

As they opened the door, they saw Professor Ross sitting on the edge of his desk with the paddle in his hand. "What’s this, Emily?" he muttered through gritted teeth. "This isn’t in our agreement!" "I, I know, sir," Emily began, but Laurie cut her off. "It’s my idea, Professor Ross," she explained. "Em’s my friend, and I told her just now that I needed to be here for her." "Oh, do you indeed?" smiled Professor Ross; Emily quailed at the sight of his expression. "Be here for her," he continued, with a slight hint of mockery in his voice. "What an interesting way to put it. I suppose she’s told you that she has one more paddling coming after this?" "Yes, sir," Laurie said, looking him straight in the eye. "And you want to help her, correct?" Professor Ross said, looking for a sign of fear in her face, a little disappointed at not finding any.

"That’s right, sir," Laurie said. "Then I suppose that you would be willing to take her third paddling for her while she takes her second?" Professor Ross grinned, with an evil gleam in his eye. Emily gasped and looked at Laurie. "No, Laurie, you can’t, you mustn’t!" she said, horrified. Laurie turned, hands on her hips, and looked at Emily. "Relax, Em, she smiled, "unlike you, my folks have used a strap, or a paddle, or a hairbrush on me most of my life, and not a week goes by that my boyfriend doesn’t have me over his knee on some flimsy excuse or another. So I’m pretty used to it, to tell you the truth."

"Well, " smiled Professor Ross, "it sounds as if we’re agreed. Emily did tell you, Laurie, that she is to be paddled on the bare, didn’t she?" "Yes, sir," Laurie said, still looking him in the eye. Professor Ross walked over to a short conference table in the corner. "Then would you two young ladies come over here, please?" Emily and Laurie walked slowly over to the table, and stood facing Professor Ross. Emily’s heart was racing, and she could feel the blood rushing to her face. She tried not to look at Professor Ross, but looked out the corner of her eye at her friend, who still showed no sign of fear.

"You will both please prepare yourselves for your punishment," said Professor Ross, "by unfastening your jeans and lowering them, with your panties, to your ankles." Both girls complied, and stood there awkwardly. "Each of you will stand on one side of this table, bend over it, and clasp the other girl’s wrists," continued Professor Ross, "and be quick about it!" he snapped.

Emily waddled to the opposite side of the table and did as she was told, taking hold of Laurie’s wrists as Laurie took hold of hers. She hoped her face wasn’t as red as she knew her rear end was going to be. She forced herself not to hold her breath, breathing in deep gasps as she laid Her forehead on the table. WHACK! Emily yelped as the first blow struck home and her right cheek flattened under the paddle. She could hear Laurie suck in her breath as she squeezed her wrists in reaction to the pain. She laid her head down, tensely waiting for the next blow. WHACK!

But it was Laurie who said, "OW!" this time, and Emily who winced, as Laurie’s nails dug into her wrists. Professor Ross was crossing from one side of the table to the other, alternating spanks with the paddle from girl to girl and from cheek to cheek. "Nothing like a bit of exercise," he mused. Now, he had the pleasure of watching two pair of female buttocks grow hot, red, and sore at one time while jiggling under his blows. He kept a lively pace, and soon both girls were sobbing and dancing from one foot to the other to try to handle the burning pain.

WHACK… WHACK… WHACK… WHACK...WHACK …WHACK…..WHACK…WHACK… WHACK…WHACK… After what seemed a long time, he stopped. "Emily, your obligation is over. I will put it in writing, sign it, and you may attach it to your copy." Turning to Laurie, he smiled and said, "I hope Emily appreciates your sacrifice, young lady. I know few people who display that kind of friendship. Now both of you get dressed and be on your way." Emily and Laurie looked at each other through tear-stained eyes. "Thanks, Laurie," Emily whispered. "’S ok," said Laurie, "wanna go to the canteen for breakfast?" As they walked out, Emily thought, "Whether or not I make it in Omega Tau Kappa, I’ve already got one good sister!"

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