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I am 70  and married and want to stay that way. I am bi though. I had a life long interest in spanking. Like many others of my age this arose from my schooldays.
For me, it was the sound of the cane and boys gripping their bottoms  afterwards. I never got it myself. The deputy head, had a thing about cp for sure. He used to attend PE with a plimsol under his gown and encouraged effort with a wallop to any short covered bum. He liked one boy particularly and , unbelievably, kept him otk for the whole lesson....patting and spanking him In front of us all. However one memory was Robert being consoled by him sat on his lap and rubbing his bum....wow that was it for me. As I said I did not receive cp at school and, although I wanted to, have not indulged as an adult. However , with lockdown and my age I have decided to look for a like minded soul to share a discreet spanking relationship. 
I understand if I am too old. I am in Essex UK but also in the Caribbean sailing in winter. I may well be sailing up the US east coast from Florida and up the ICW. 


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