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Spanking Needs Forums

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If i feel comfortable with some guy - ones in a while i like a nice but not to strong spanking....
You prefer it more strong or you are happy to spank an ass soft?
i liked that one: 
"Get your your ass up in the air!"

And i did as I was told. My ass up in the air and my head down on

the bed.The spank came with his bare hands. He loves to spank my ass like that."Hold still and dont speak!"

My ass is becoming red and warm and i am getting wet. His other hand is now on my clit - playing with it.

He stops! He opens a lube bottle and he pressed it against my asshole. I moan as he continues to spank me.

It's a plug. He pulls it in and out I can tell by the way he slides it in and out and he still spanks my hass hard.

Now he stoped - and he pushed a vibrator in my pussy. My both wholes are filled and fucked from toys i still get spanked

"Please can I cum. I need to cum like that"

My body is shaking and i have to cum. He fuckes me harder with the vibrator - in and out - the plug in my ass and his hand

Spanking my ass. His dick is rubbing on my ass and i can feel that his dick is rock hard. I am cuming hard and now i can feel his sperm on my ass. He cums so much and so hard - it feels amazing. I moan!

Wow - what a nice Spanking!

#spanking #bdsm #manhattan #mistress #femdom #bdsm #domination #submission #cuckolding #london #nyc



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