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"The Realm of Fantasy"

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Perfect comment from author Tracy Clark-Flory:

"Our culture is totally ignorant around the realm of sexual fantasy. There's this real lack of appreciation and understanding of what sexual fantasies mean, what they don't mean, how they serve us. I think that they're often interpreted fairly literally. There's a real failure to appreciate the world of sexual fantasy is a magical place of pretend and illusion that can address some of our deepest fears and dreams."


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I am likely missing your point by a longshot Droo,  but just taking this quotation at face value it doesn't seem to jive with reality in this day and age.  Look,  we have unfettered access to the internet...we are free to fully research and explore any sexual fantasy or whimsy that happens to tickle our fancy in any given moment.  We can connect with like minded individuals and explore these ideas,  at least virtually, with people all over the globe.   Prohibitions, taboos about discussing sexual fantasies are pretty much a thing of the past. 

 The biggest obstacle I see for an individual trying to fulfill  their full autonomy as a sexualized human being is actually getting out from behind their computer and engaging in the real world with a real partner IRL instead of all this virtual mumbo-jumbo we get caught up with in places like this.   (But, we are in a pandemic so just gotta make do I guess...🤷‍♂️)   (   And maybe I am just missing the forest for the trees...wouldn't be the first time.  😬🤷‍♂️)

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When I saw the title of this thread, it made me think of fantasy as in sword and sorcery, elves and fairies, that kind of thing.

No one really takes that kind of fantasy literally (or do they?) so why is it so hard to extend that "let's pretend" to the sexual realm?

I happen to like mixing spanking fiction with fantasy genre. Something I've really been trying my hand at lately.

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Over the past few years, I have become more comfortable weaving fantasy into reality, while letting some of it remain fantasy at the same time - if that makes any sense. A longer story for another day perhaps.

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I agree. I think fantasy allows many to let go and try something they otherwise wouldn't try. It gives people a chance to let go.

I have come across many who think sexual fantasy is sick and depraved, but I think it adds some excitement or a change of pace. 

Sexual fantasies are common (even if people don't want to admit to it) and a fantasy for one may be reality for another. I have friends who have told me they fantasize about being dominated....being a submissive, that's reality for me. Of course, I love every minute of it.

There are those fantasies that will never become a reality, such as wanting to have sex with your favorite high school teacher or such things, but you might find someone willing to act, dress and talk like that favorite teacher and help you out.

I agree with the above...fantasies can help with our deepest fears and our dreams. Don't take them so literally.....just let go and give it a try.

Just my 2 cents...

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The point is clear, as the author says: "they're often interpreted fairly literally."  

Many don't seem to understand that a fantasy may not represent something the fantasizer approves of in real life, or wishes to experience, or perform, in real life.  Yet even here in kink-world, people are criticized or condemned for their preferred fantasies.  I consider that very wrong.  Even more wrong, people condemn themselves for having them.

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We have a kinky Trivia night here (Covid permitting) and one of the questions one night was what percentage of people have not lived out their sexual fantasies. The answer (kink community included) was 80%. That lends credence to the belief that people think they will be judged for trying to be themselves. Another one of the questions was what is the most common sexual fantasy in the world. The answer was Dominance/submission.

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