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Online Discipline/Spanking Group

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Hello Everyone! I posted this in the main forums  --- I have created and run (alongside the illustrious HeadDeveloper) an Online Guided Spanking / Discipline Community.

This was primarily created as through the pandemic play was much harder, so for all the tops, doms, and switches who miss that type of play -- You can start again now!

"This is an 18+ only spanko community where fantasies, guidance, structure, discipline, accountability, and behavior modification can be borne out.

In the Academy, naughty students will be turned into a well-behaved, disciplined, and respectful people.
Teachers will administer lessons, assignments, dress code, curfew, accountability, discipline, and yes... SPANKINGS!

This is not simply a “role play server” while you are expected to adhere to your role, this is a space for real discipline and correction of real life misbehavior. The Academy setup is in a way aesthetic, but is a good conduit for authority hierarchy, rules, and discipline. 

Are you a student looking for discipline?
Or a teacher looking to discipline others?
Maybe a bit of both?! Come check us out!"

Click Here to Join the Redbottom Academy

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