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I find it emotionally rewarding to interact with those who wish to have a mentor and disciplinarian.  There is no sexual interest at all, there never has been going all the way back to the first spanking I gave in college but at my age I couldn't even if I wanted to. It's strictly about being a safe and trustworthy person to interact with and both people involved feeling good about the things we do. 

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It all depends upon the nature of my relationship with the EE. If it is for discipline, there is nothing sexual about it.  It is about helping someone improve, much like a Therapist would to.  If it is foreplay in a committed relationship, of course it is sexual. If it is just for fun, it kind of runs the gamut, depending upon the dynamic.  If I am trying to take someone to subspace, that is a completely different topic and it is more like I am "working" because it requires concentration, skill, and communication to safely take someone on that journey.

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For me, it's the nurturing aspect, the loving boundaries, security, and emotional release that a spanking can represent. That's why I consider myself a maternal disciplinarian, rather than a domme. The power exchange and infliction of pain do not bring me joy or satisfaction. To the contrary, brutal sessions make me cringe and are not something I want to inflict on another person. And because I have a quiet but strong personality by nature, there is no noticeable power "exchange" when I'm topping. 

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My personal role as a disciplinarian is in the truest sense. It's about helping to overcome the sense of frustration from "lack of willpower or self-control. Or maybe it's an adjustment to a struggle with a personal growth attitude or to resolve a particular undesirable personal or professional habit for lack of self-discipline. "You would like to do better but "what's the point?". Administering corporal discipline is a tool of negative reinforcement to counteract most any issue. It's an unpleasant task which I don't particularly enjoy giving  b/c it is usually necessary balance to correct an issue of concern. Or has become the "final straw" to a "giving up" attitude".  And..............it really is going to  "hurt me a lot more than it's gonna hurt you".....(more often than not).  ?

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