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Emma Croft


I pulled my car on the drive to my boyfriend's house and was really looking forward to spending a weekend on my own as he had been called to work away for a few days. I shared a flat with my friend Lisa and she was more than happy to have the place to herself so she could get her boyfriend to stay over. I had planned myself a nice shopping trip for the next day and bought a bottle of wine for tonight and wanted to try out something that had been on my mind ever since I saw it.


The something I wanted to try or to be more precise to feel was not something you would normally see hanging on someone's bedroom wall. It was in fact a paddle, the kind of paddle used to spank someone, not to use in a canoe. I had this bizarre fascination ever since I saw it and my boyfriend James didn't even know why it was there. It was hanging on the wall when he moved in and he just left it there. I had often made little jokes about whether it had ever been used or even what it might feel like. Of course James was ignorant to my interest and my giggling comments about how I better not be a naughty girl fell on deaf ears.


So I thought if you want something doing girl, do it yourself and decided I would dress myself up as some imaginary old fashioned “little girl” who had been so misbehaved she was going to get the paddle. Then with the courage of a bottle of wine I would give myself a few whacks with the mean looking paddle and see what it felt like. Obviously I knew it wouldn't be the same as getting it for real but I was sure I could manage to swing it hard enough to make it sting. I had got myself a thin little white vest top to wear along with some white ankle socks and thought that would make me feel quite embarrassed even though no one would see me in such a childish outfit.


I opened the door and went straight to the bedroom and took the paddle off the wall. James and I had been going out for almost a year yet this was the first time I had been in his house on my own and it even felt quite naughty for some strange reason to touch things that didn't belong to me. The paddle was heavier that I had imagined and it even made my heart skip a beat when I swung it through the air thinking just how much it would sting. Without waiting I quickly undressed out of my smart navy blue uniform of skirt and jacket that was regulation Bank attire where I worked. Almost eagerly I unbuttoned my pale blue blouse and shrugged it off and then un-clipped my bra and thumbed my black knickers down and stepped out of them.


Already I felt such a delicious mixture of apprehension and daring that I was playing out such a delightfully naughty charade and as I tugged the sleeveless vest top over my head I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I gave a little giggle to myself and bent over to pull the socks on stood gazing at my reflection. It was obvious I was not wearing a bra as the outline of my nipples could easily be seen and then as I looked down to my bald pubic mound between my legs I looked every inch the naughty little girl I was pretending to be.


“Well Emma your in for now my girl”, I spoke out loud to myself


I walked back to the lounge and took the paddle and placed it on the coffee table and  got the bottle of wine and went to the kitchen to open it. I poured a large glass and gulped some down and began to feel a rush walking around bare from the waist down. I noticed I hadn't even closed the curtains and looked through the window at my car on the drive and out to the road in front. The window came down to my waist so I guessed that even if someone did happen to look in they wouldn't be able see how little I was wearing but none the less gave me an extra thrill at the thought.


I switched on the TV and sat on the sofa, the cold leather on my bare bottom reminded me how surreal all this was. I kept glancing over to the paddle and thought I would wait until at least some effects of the wine had time to dull some of the pain as I was determined to deliver some hard whacks. The beep of my phone brought me out of my fantasy world and it was a text from James. He apologized again for having to work all weekend and for some unknown reason I didn't tell him I was here. Instead I told him I had stayed in with Lisa. I couldn't work out why I had said that but the thought of lying to him made me feel like I deserved a genuine punishment. This fantasy was taking a life of its own now, if only I had known just how much it was going to snowball out of control.


I couldn't sit still and kept getting up to walk around knowing my bare bum cheeks jiggled as I did and even put my hands on them to feel the movement with each step. At 5'10'' I guess I looked slimmer than I actually was and knew I could do with losing a few pounds, especially from my bottom and thighs. I was always more proud of having long legs and guys always seem to compliment me on my bottom as my best feature. However since my breasts were only a b cup it meant it didn't have much competition I guess. I sat back down and gazed at the paddle and finished my glass of wine. With a deep breath and a warm rush inside I got up and took the paddle in my right hand. I hesitated then thought come girl u can do this and leaned forward a little and swung the paddle awkwardly and laded it slightly off target on the base of bum and the top of my left thigh. It stung instantly and made me inhale sharply. I waited a few seconds and tried another swing.this time twisting my waist more to try and get more to my right bum cheek. Again it had a spiteful sting as it met my skin and I thought how much this would really hurt if it was swung properly by someone else. I put it down and went to get some more wine.


I began to get used to walking around bare and was just fastening my long strawberry blonde hair into a pony-tail when I heard the lock to the front door click then the sound of the door opening. In a blind panic I looked around and not even taking time to think who it could be that had a key. I knew I couldn't let them see me dressed like this. I had no way of getting to the bedroom to retrieve my clothes as the door was at the bottom of the stairs and the person was already inside now. If I went to the kitchen there was nowhere to hide and the only thing I could do was to stand behind the sofa. The door to the lounge opened and I could feel my face blush and my heart was racing like mad. I knew my eyes were wide open like a rabbit caught in the headlights.


“Oh it's you!......I thought it was your car but.James sent me a text and told me you weren't here” snapped Jason, my boyfriend's younger brother.


I had never spent any time on my own with Sam but for some reason we did seem to be a clash of personalities you might say. I was quite outspoken to some extent and he was the type of person who always liked to be heard. He certainly did not have an easy nature like his brother James and he would always look for an argument any time he could with me. He seemed to hardly look at me and put his skateboard in the corner and began sorting through some PlayStation games. My heart was almost beating out of my chest as I stood half hidden by the sofa but also half dressed. The paddle was on full view on the coffee table in the middle of the room next to my glass of wine.


At one moment I contemplated making a dash for the door while his back was turned but knew he was bound to see my bare bum before I made it upstairs to get my clothes. Yet what else could I do unless I could get him out of the room even for just a few seconds to make my escape. I couldn't think of anything to say that would sound remotely plausible in order to get him to leave the room. I had to think of something, I could hardly stand behind the sofa until he decided to leave. I tried to sound normal and under control although this situation was far from normal. I asked if he was looking for any particular game and had he just come over to borrow it or something. I could feel my knees actually tremble as he replied that James had texted him and said he could come over and play a few games here and have the place to himself out of the way of “rent’s”, I presume he meant parent’s.


Oh well am I invisible then…..I guess you can just change your plans and just skateboard yourself back home” it was hardly a polite tone in my voice.


“Hey no way……how did I know you were here and what are you doing here anyway” he kept his back to me and switched on the playstation.


He turned around and stood up, “Hey wait.…..you have got another guy here..or you're waiting for one…….you cheating bitch”. he yelled.


I instantly panicked and felt a cold sweat making me shiver, “God No, Jason you have it all wrong…..really you have”.


He ran out of the room and upstairs shouting for whoever was hiding to come out and I could hear his footsteps upstairs and opening and closing every door. Oh shit what was I going to say now to get out of this, let alone get to my clothes. I ran from behind the sofa and grabbed the paddle, thinking as least I could hide this so he would not know exactly what I was up to. I looked around and held the paddle but before I could do anything he was running back downstairs. All I could do was hold it vertically in front of me trying the best I could to shield my pussy from his gaze. His face was like thunder and at first I don’t think he noticed how I was dressed, or more precisely not dressed. He pulled his phone out of the pocket of his baggy jeans and flicked at the screen. I took a few sideways steps towards the door thinking I could run and get my clothes at least when he glanced up.


“Oh no you don’t bitch,,,you stay there and see what my brother has to say and I want to hear him dump you right now…..you're  history” he was so angry I was scared.


“Please Jason, please stop…….I can explain…you have seriously got it all wrong…. honest there is no one else”, I pleaded with him.


He had got Jame’s number now and I could feel a tear running down my face and knew I was blushing so red. I could hear the ringing sound as the room was deathly quiet. For a moment I prayed James was not going to answer and even if he did I could maybe explain later and smooth it all over with him. Even if that did work it wasn’t going to get me out of this room without the idiot of his brother seeing me and knew if I made a run for it he would see the slightly red marks on my bum cheeks at the very least. Oh god this was truly the rock and the hard place now. Then the click of the phone being answered brought me back to face the stark reality that I had no way out now.


“Hey Bro you won’t believe what this cheating bit”, before he could spit out the word bitch Jame’s interrupted him.


“Look man I am driving let me just pull over…..give me a second”.


This was my last chance and I moved the paddle to my side and spoke.”Please Jason let me explain….and if you don’t believe me then ring James back and tell him whatever you like”


His mouth fell open a little just as James spoke, “Go on bro…what do you want”


“Oh it's………oh it's just this ….this cheat code on fortnite…oh it's fine…..I mean I can speak later…I errr I have to go now I’m in the middle of the game” he swiped his phone.


His eyes were rooted between my legs staring intently at my hairless pussy with the plump pubic mound and neat little slit just viable from the little gap in my thighs.  The silence was electric and for what seemed like forever time stood still, I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to look at his burning eyes but I had to say something. At last he flicked his eyes back to my face, like the reaction you get when you catch a guy staring down your top or something. His expression had turned from shock and surprise to curiosity and to some kind of bewilderment to see me standing like this in front of him. It was confession time now I told myself and wondered if any catholic priest had heard anything like what I was going to say. I was almost oblivious to what I was exposing now, not just physically but mentally as I began to tell Jason about my fascination with the paddle. I told him the whole story and my plan for this weekend and then as far as giving myself a couple of smacks with the damn thing that had taken over my thoughts.


“Yeah…..nice try Emma…do you think I’m dumb or something…..I mean what idiot wants to smack their own arse” he sneered.


“More like you wanted to play kinky spanking games with another guy since my brother doesn’t go for it….that more like the truth” he laughed.


Before I had time to think it through I turned to lean forward a bit and pushed my bare bottom out to him. “Well who the hell has done this to my bum then……..the invisible man”.









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Excellent story, so far.  Builds well and draws the reader into both the scene, and the thoughts of Emma and her dilemma(s).

Would be good if the next part was Jason's POV.  After all, we can see where this is leading, it would be cool to 'hear' what's going on in Jason's mind.  :)


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