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How many times when away on holiday/vacation  do you wish you could find a person who enjoys the spanking scene.

I have enjoyed a few trips to USA  touring . enjoying the scenery . Would have been great to meet up and make friends.

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I would say about 90% of my vacations have been with someone in the spanking scene, my husband, boyfriend, etc so that wasn't a problem.

The most fun I had was driving across the United States and meeting fellow spankos along the way. I spent a few weeks, prior to that trip, setting up visits with different online friends from this site. I ended up meeting quite a few people and many have become great real life friends. I am hoping to do it again one of these days.

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Normally if I'm away it's usually littles get togethers and discrete spanking can and does happen with the person looking after me by consent putting me over a spare chair as needed.

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