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Measuring by count or by time?

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On 2/9/2021 at 1:03 AM, Chawsee said:

@SpudStateSpanky is correct. I do not require my spankees to count, and there are two reasons for this. Counting is a distraction from their headspace and from being able to fully focus on the emotions and sensations they're feeling. I decide when the spanking ends, and this decision culminates from the spankee's reactions. His body language and mindset (not a set number of swats, or watching a clock) determine when we've reached the desired stage. I realize it's different for cane aficionados, as caning sessions are traditionally assigned a set number of swats. But since I'm adverse to the cane (forgive me, my British friends!), I get to skip that rule. :D

My wife just spanks me until she is "done", which she says is when I've been appropriately punished, but I believe Ms. Chawsee's description of how she decides, combined with how well my wife knows me, is right on target. Years ago I made some sneaky audio recordings when I knew I was about to be spanked, and listened to them later to count spanks, which I was never able to do during a spanking, and made 4 observations- first: spankings definitely varied in tempo and length proportionally to my offense, second: spankings that felt like forever but I knew must be only 10-20 minutes all lasted less than 5 minutes from first audible paddle smack to the last, third: at least 100 and up to nearly 300 paddle swats fit easily in that time, fourth: my pleading and yelling came quickly and stayed a maximum volume during most of the spanking, but had a more desperate tone and became a bit garbled towards the end.

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