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Spanking Needs Forums

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I've been fascinated by spanking for as long as I remember.

In my case I believe it is rooted in having been spanked and belted growing up and flourishing into a life long thing.

I am a spanker. When viewing spanking videos I  seek out videos that have real responses from the spankee rather than staged slap, tickle and moan moments. Real but not necessarily brutal.

As my name here implies, I also spank only bare and but may leave you wondering until I slip your panties down and off.

I am quite safe and sane, caring but firm.

 I am looking for kindred spirits who truly savor a good spanking with all of the anticipation, the caring, the baring and the aftercare of forgiveness and cuddles. I know that for many the anticipation, butterflies in the stomach, that accompany the knowledge of an impending spanking is often the most profound and thrilling emotion followed by the feeling of being bared and culminating the actual spanking itself.

I know that there are sexual overtones to spanking but have no sexual expectations.


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