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Disciplinarian Wanted Near Tampa, FL

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I'm looking for a spanker to provide consistent discipline. I'm located near Tampa, FL. I am willing to travel a little bit in Florida, but not crossing into a different state etc. 

I've been in the spanking scene for a little over 10 years and when I moved to Florida; my spanker and I went separate ways. 

I'm looking for someone who will get to know me, develop the bond and trust this type of dynamic needs to succeed. I've opened up to a few people on here and even have gone as far as setting up rules and then I get ghosted, so please be serious if you message/respond to me. 

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I am someone that can assist you as I do a good bit of stuff in Florida. I have been in this as a disciplinarian for about 15 years. I am located close to the Alabama Florida border but I am able to travel some. I would love to talk more to see what your needs are. Feel free to shoot me an email at alabamadiscipline@gmail.com

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