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Online mentor/disciplinarian?

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I have decided to try my hand at seeking out an online mentor/disciplinarian... 

I am a 36 year old female, and the main thing I need help with is accountability to tackle some difficult goals and tasks over the upcoming year. I've been making an attempt to turn my life around, and get back on my feet again... 

But I have had to challenge quite a few limiting beliefs on the way, have had to leave my comfort zone and push myself to do new things....   I have a lot of goals as I've just recently returned to school, and want to finish my associates degree, I need to get my health back in order as I plan on pursuing an outdoor leadership program when I transfer next year, and there is just a bit on my plate, and while I have the desire to progress and tackle things, there are moments where I feel overwhelmed because of the new path I'm carving out for myself.... and I feel it would help immensely, if there was someone who could hold me accountable, and set me straight when I start to falter...  I still have moments of self sabotage, during my low points, and struggle ridding myself of old habits while developing new ones... 

I have other sources of support as well, through therapy, support groups, communities, church leaders etc....  But just having someone with whom I can report to , to provide some guidance, and provide discipline for those difficult spots, especially when it comes to old habits would be the greatest help right now~

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