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spankers over 50 only

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Happy to comply to your needs if you dont mind the friendly grandfather approach to that spanking you need. Still got a strong hand , and hairbrush,etc.  How'd you like to get in touch and talk. Does the message thing at the top work?

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I need a good hard spanking  to get rid of my negative  behavior patterns like procrastination, anger cussing and sloppiness.  I like to be spanked with paddles, switches,  hairbrush and wooden spoons.  I like to be spanked until my butt is 🍒cherry  red, burning and on 🔥 for days afterwards.   I don't like bruises, because that is hard to explain to my wife who is not into spanking at all

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Was not able to finish post.  I live in the Tampa Bay Florida area and am looking for someone  to spank me who lives in the Tampa Bay Florida 



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