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what are some tell tale signs that someone has recently received a spanking?

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Walking very stiffly and slowly  some time ago  I was very embrassed when I presumed that my neighbours knew I had recently been spanked very hard. We waiting for bus it came and was nearly empty my neighbour said have a chat with me sit down and we can talk a bit told her I prefer to stand! She joked somebody spanked your bum can’t sit? It was very embrassing she was joking but I think she guessed!

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1 hour ago, OverYouGo said:

Unconsciously rubbing their butt. Happens quite a bit.

Correct. An ex, the first day we met, left a rented house 10 minutes before I did, and told me later that night, she caught herself rubbing her butt outside pumping gas 5 minutes later. She also did so at work, at a bank, carefully, each of next 2 days. 

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One day, after a vigorous morning spanking session, my ex and I met my sister at Cracker Barrel, then strolled a beach as my sister walked her dog up the road, and I led her to a bench where we just sat holding hands. When she got up, she winced, and annoyingly told me "You pick spots with wooden chairs all day for me to sit on". I stifled a laugh, as it was inadvertent (the sitting options). Its always a pleasure to elicit a reaction, as a spanker.



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17 hours ago, MrBottoms said:

an overwhelming impulse & need to choose a thick cushion chair on which to gingerly sit.

I've found that when needing a cushioned seat, that the only chairs available are hard.

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