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FL cutie

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27 minutes ago, softnsweet83 said:

come spank me.....older only

Yes I would only if you can also spank me and make my naked butt cherry red like my photos on my profiles and my pictures you are in trouble now


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I said earlier, I am into switching, and would spank you if you would be interested in spanking me also.  I like only full nude spanking, using paddles, hairbrushes wooden spoons belts canes and switches.  Send me a detailed email at rmiles2057@gmail.com if you are interested!!!

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On 1/17/2021 at 1:07 PM, Spankyfp39 said:

Where in Florida are you located? Are you needing discipline spanking ?

I am responding to your post in January, I am looking for someone in Tampa  to spank my naked butt 🍒 🍒  cherry red to help change my negative  behavior like procrastination being a slob eat.  I like to be spanked totally naked with paddles belts razer straps, wooden spoons and hair brushes or anything that will make my naked buttons 🍒 🍒 cherry red like some of my photos.  I don't like bruises because they are hard to explain to my wife who does not understand the whole spanking scene.  If you are interested in hooking up email me at rmiles2057@gmail.com 

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Just let me know when and where we can hook up in Tampa Florida, it can't be at my house because my wife is not into spanking.  I like to be spanked with paddles, belts,  hair rushes and wooden spoons.  I like to be spanked totally naked, this adds to the embarrassments  and vulnerability factor.  I like to be spanked until my butt is 🍒cherry red burning g and on fire for days afterwards.  I don't like bruises, because it would be hard to explain to my wife.  Ilke to be spanked otk bent over chir standing bent over or laying flat on bed, any position where I an be spanked. My only experience  is self spanking, but I want to go to the next level, if you know what I mean!!! In box or email.me at rmiles2057@gmail.com  when you are in the Tampa Bay Florida  area!!

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