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Makes sense to me.  Someone's mother has known their naked body since birth.  Someone's stepmother removing (or demanding the removal of) the shorts of a male whom she may not have met until his teens and who is now well past puberty is a whole different matter.


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I would add to what Handily said that the age difference between 'ee and 'er may well be less in the stepmother scenario (especially a fantasy one, of course).  In the situation he describes, the 'er might well be in her 20's.  I can certainly see that adding to the turn-on. -Ex.

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A little more on this:



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A good spanking and scolding from a stepmom is one of my go-to fantasies. I have others, but that one in particular stems from growing up. I had a next door neighbor who i spent a lot of time with since my mom wasn't home when I got home from school.  I know this woman spanked her daughter, and I really wanted to know what it would be like to get one from her.

I think a big part of the attraction is that getting punished by your parents was expected. Someone outside of the family, including someone that your father just married would be far more exciting. She doesn't really know you, so for you to be able to trust her to discipline you - and for her to earn that trust - is pretty special. It would be a relationship you discovered and not one yu were born into.

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What no step sister action? You are too young for step mom. Anything forbidden or f@cked up is the flip side of the romantic that many of us that lost houses, fortunes to lawyers or make sizable support payments chasing early on and have moved on from that unrealistic outcome…  yeah not gonna get into friends to lovers, childhood crush or soulmates destined to be together themes. But something nasty and forbidden gets you out of same old same old. 

‘I suspect I have a more boring life than Maturevanessa and therefore understand taboo turn ons. I would jump at the romantic theme which she is secretly rich though not ready to throw in that towel (if female and rich 18-99 PM me!!!).  Instead it’s more like how many scoville units in a ghost pepper - fine let’s go -is the action I see. 

And I was joking about the step sister role play (Vanessa PM me please!) 


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On 1/17/2021 at 7:56 AM, maturevanessa said:

roleplay stepmother / stepson spanking...

these days i get a lot of emails about fantasy about

stepmother / stepson roleplay - spanking and so on...

What is the big turn on about that kind of fantasy? 

To me, any person with authority over me, whether it be a stepmom, a teacher, a boss, is a turn on for me. 

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