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uckolding - watching 
We just had sex and still watching porn. He told me - watching porn is hot but i love to watch you getting fucked in real - no porn.  I think it would be hot to see you next to me and another dick is fucking you. 
As he told me that i was thinkg about the perfect guy.
I arranged a cuckold session and Max came over. He was tall, dark and he has a big dick and yes he is a young guy and handsome. I was wearing my stockings, and a sexy lingerie.
Max knocked on the door and i  opened it. I told him - my sub is sitting next to the bed and he loved to watch me get fucked. 
He did not wait and went down on me. He opened my legs and he put his mouth over my pussy and started to lick my clit. After couple of minutes i was so wet and horny and he put his clouth down on the floor. 
He came back and started to play with one finger on my clit and than he got me onto all fours so my sub had the perfect view. He teased me with his big cock around my pussy and ass . I was so wet and needed to get fucked doggy style. He put his dick in my pussy and he fucked my harder and harder. Now  i could feel his finger playing around my ass and he put his finger in my ass. He slapped my ass and i screamed in pleasue. My big tits were bouncing and Max fucked me so hard and i had to cum like this. My juce dripped down my legs . He than turn me around and he pushed his dick in my mouth. He pushed it deep in my mouth and i sucked his dick. His dick was hard and really big but i know he likes to face fuck me like that. And he did fucked my mouth deep and deeper. I know he is close to cum and i opened my mouth so deep and his cum was running down  - ready to swallow all his cum.... and my sub had the best view how i got fucked ... i loved it, too. 
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