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Hello. My name is Ashley but everyone I know calls me Pixie. I am seeking a disciplinarian for myself that can meet me in person about once weekly. Because of my current living situation, I can't meet where I reside and, therefore, need to meet at an agreed upon location nearby. 

You may contact me through this site or:



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Welcome, @PixieIsYoursSir. We're happy to have you join us! I agree that your safety is paramount. I recommend reading the Spanking Safety and Advice section. We encourage everyone who's new to read it, and many of us, even those who are experienced spankos, review it periodically. Enjoy your time here making friends and connecting with like-minded people. :) 

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Hi Pixie and welcome from a neighbor in Tennessee! Hope you enjoy it here. Lot's of nice people but please be safe. 

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