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One time I was taking to a female friend who was, for the most part, vanilla. However, she would spank me if I requested it. She was asking is I noticed her tan. Now, if.i hear tanning, what comes to this spank filled mind of mine? LOL So I said "yes. Looks great. I could use a good tanning myself". And she was telling me about the best time of the day to lay out and what not. I said "I just need it on my butt" and she said "only there?" And I said "yes. I've misbehaved" and she said "oh... you mean a spanking?" And I said "yes...now....I was thinking, I bare my bottom and lay over some propped up pillows on a bed ready to receive my punishment with a leather strap. Now...that is what I call a REAL tanning bed!" And she laughed and said "well baby, you must have really been bad if you think you are in need of....a strapping, my goodness" 


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On 1/13/2021 at 1:21 PM, rubyredd said:

Looks like behind  has received a couple of votes.

@MrRitter - I love to hear "tan your backside" or "blister your..."

@Zhal Just curious... are you a Top, bottom, or switch? Are you okay with saying tushy, hearing it, or both?

I'm Jewish, and I don't know why, but tush or tushy is just the least appealing phrase I can think of for that part of the anatomy.  I would say bottom is #1 and behind is #2.  Actually they both sound even better when you prefix them with "bare".    

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16 hours ago, rubyredd said:

@F/m_Spanking_only there was a sign on the main street of my hometown that advertised "We Tan Hides" - sadly, it was for hunters (deer hides, etc.) and not for naughty guys and gals.

There was an agricultural services company here is South Africa that changed its name from OTK to something more appropriate.


I assume they had too many hits on their website from local spanko’s.   

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buttocks, trunk, gluteus maximus, buns, cheeks, tail, patootie, tukhus, (never refused one because of what its called).  By the way the term for wanting ass is called Pygophilia: Sexual arousal from seeing or touching the buttocks of another person.

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