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I am a life long spanko.

This interest goes way back to the days of looking up spank in the dictionary and any other place that might say anything about it.

Spent many years in private interest then came the internet and, amazing to me at the time, there were many, many people out there with similar wants and needs.

I have been spanking bare bottoms for many years now, mostly one offs but also a few long term spanking / mentoring relationships. Those are the best as both parties become intimately familiar with the other's needs.

I am hoping to meet new people with the same interests who need an experienced, caring but firm spanker.

Mentoring to improve behavior and life results. spanking as punishment for real behavior, stress relief, role play or just a spanking because. Followed by cuddles if needed.

Let's chat!   Get to know eachother and see where it takes us

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