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So I want to know everyone's opinion on something.
So Ive made a few posts in the past offering my services as a top. Whenever I make one of these post I usually get a few people who are interested with in the first few weeks, then the replies start drying up. Then after a while if things ended or didnt work out with the past people who contacted me. I would make a new similar post. again offer my services and the cycle would repeat. 
Now this leads me to my question. Is it making multiple posts like that too much, even if they are after a decent period of time? If it is, then is there a better why to reaffirm that I am still out here and willing to spank with making an additional post? I dont want too come off as spammy or desperate. Especially since I usually post in mare than one section of the forum when I do "advertise".

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Just keep doing what works for you.  I wouldn't worry about how it might appear.  Continually updating your status sounds  reasonable to me , then people know if you're available or not ...and also you might catch the attention of newbies.     

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If new members join, they are probably not going to know about your previous posts so if you want to reach them it would make sense to re-post periodically.  Within reason, or course.

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I agree with the others. Your posts will get buried and some newbies may not scroll through all the threads.

Re-posting each month seems logical to me.

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Alright thanks for the feedback. I dont usually frequent forums, so I was not sure. Got my answer.

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