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Jade Murray 


It was one of the many tasks on the list of things to do my Mum had left me and my brother Jack to do while she was staying with Granddad during this lockdown. Clean the shed, wow how thrilling that was going to be….not. Of course as usual doing anything with my little brother meant doing it myself. He had the attention span of a goldfish and would be no help whatsoever.  I suppose that is not quite true, he can concentrate for hours on his stupid Xbox games with his geeky mates.


I had been asking him for days now to come and make a start on the shed and it was always the same reply. Another game had just started and he had to finish it or he would let his friends down. Then another , then another, I had to do something and then I had a brain wave. I would just go into the garage and flick the power switch, easy no Xbox then. Of course it would really wind him up as well and that was always fun.


“Hey Jade, all the power is off what’s going on” he ran downstairs looking alarmed.


I just looked and shrugged my shoulders and pretended I had no idea. He went right to the Garage and looked and said the switch was down. I was disappointed he worked it out right away but I waited 5 mins then flicked the switch back. Again he bounded downstairs two at a time and went to the power board. He looked quizzically at me and mumbled that there could be something wrong but ran back to his room. Once again I gave it 5 mins and turned it off again. This time when he ran down I let my face slip and gave him a knowing smile.


“Oh Jade WTF, you have seriously messed up my game, what’s your problem”. He snapped.


I remained calm and reminded him how he had promised to help clear the shed after one more game, and that was a week ago. He looked angry and warned me not to turn the power off again or else then stormed off back to his room. I gave it 10mins this time and went again, only now I stood by the switch with my arms folded. We had a brief mexican standoff before he tried to push past me to get to the switch. I let him by but calmly told him I could keep this up all day so what was he going to do, “tie me up”. 


“Oh don’t tempt me Jade, I would love to tie up and gag your nagging mouth, you’re worse than Mum” he exclaimed but with a hint of amusement. 


He went to the kitchen and made a coffee then returned and admitted I had won and the quicker we got the shed done the sooner he could get back to his game. I was very pleased with myself and told him to make me a coffee and thought I had taught him a lesson not to mess with his big sister. He brought me the coffee and looked rather crest fallen and in a miserable, sulky mood. I told him he better alter his face and at least look like he could spend an hour doing something together and it wasn’t going to kill him to smile. I got a grunt as a reply and had half a mind to tell him to stick it and I would do the shed by myself but I knew that was what he wanted.


We had been at it for about half an hour when he dragged a long, thin, not quite straight, round end piece of wood. He mimicked using it as a walking stick and it flexed a lot so it was obvious that was not its purpose. Then he swung it through the air making a loud whooshing noise. It was then the penny dropped and  I knew what it was and judging by the look on his face so did he.


“Hey Jade, this is one of those old fashioned canes they used in school years ago isn’t it”, he smiled and swished it through the air again.


“Bet you would have got it every day, you always were a Brat”, he laughed.


For the first time in ages we both laughed together and he reminded me how he used to listen every morning as Mum complained how short my school skirt was and a hundred other things I did to rebel. With another swish of the cane he said if Mum had one of these it might have been a different story and I would have been well behaved then. I disagreed instantly saying how a few whacks with that would not have altered my personality and the way I acted. My stubborn and willful nature would still be the same and in fact I reckoned getting the cane would have made me more rebellious. 


“Besides a few whacks on the bum can’t be that bad to change anyone really can it” I said, more to myself than really to Jack.


“Oh I think 6 of the best would have had you promising to do whatever Mum said in a flash” he laughed.


“Yeah whatever, I bet if you doubled it I would not have even blinked an eye” I replied.


As my usual self I had to have the last word but I did feel a little curiosity at just what it would have felt like. Jack looked at me then at the cane and I could almost see the cogs go round in his head. I wondered if he could sense my train of thought and then he glanced back over to me. Nothing was said for a moment or two as if we were both waiting for each other to speak first.


“You really think you can take 12 proper hard whacks with this don’t you” he swished it again, “You wouldn't stand a chance” he said and shook his head.


“Oh don’t you be so sure, you were always the cry baby out of the two of us” I reminded him.


“Go on then, I’m up for it, I can cane your fat bum 12 times, no skin off my nose just skin off ur arse” he laughed. 


I screwed my face up and told him in no uncertain terms where he could stick the cane and if he called my bum fat again I might do it for him. So I happened to have slightly smaller than average boobs and sort of wide hips and a bit of what they call “bubble butt” but was no way fat. The atmosphere was building between us and it was one of the times you could feel the tension in the air for no apparent reason. 


“You are all mouth Jade as usual, you would run a mile if this got anywhere near your bum, never mind you could take 12” he sounded serious. 


“Right I’ll show you who is all mouth” I yelled at him.


I stormed into the house with a purpose and grabbed my purse and went back outside. I could see him looking confused as to what I was doing. I pulled out £50 and placed it under the coffee cup on the patio table. Then with a little voice inside my head telling me not to be so foolish I walked up to him and put my hands on my hip in a defiant posture and opened my mouth. 


“I bet you that money and I will bend over for the cane and if you see a single tear before you finish 12 you win” I snapped.


“So you put something up to match it and we will see who is the one who is all mouth” I confronted him.


He went to get his wallet but I stopped him in his tracks. I told him I was putting up way more than just the money. I was having to suffer the actual pain not to mention the embarrassment factor and he better think of something to equal that. He agreed and he seemed to be struggling to think of anything and so was I. All of a sudden I knew what it could be;


“How about you hand over that precious Xbox then, shall we say a month, unless you get a tear from me” I smiled.


I could see by the look on his face that he wasn’t expecting that. I felt like I had got the upper hand now and probably just rescued my bottom from a taste of the cane as there was no way he would risk losing his Xbox for an hour never mind a month. He was obviously considering the implication of not gaming for a whole month and I stood with my arms folded and my head to one side waiting patiently. 


“Right Jade, get those jeans off, get that arse up. I haven't got all day to teach you a lesson. I've got friends waiting for me and a game to play” he had thrown the gauntlet now.  


My stomach turned and I could feel my heart beat faster in my chest as he looked so cocky now.  I had never even thought of the undressing part of this whole absurd charade. I suppose it was only fair of him to expect me to take my jeans off. I just kept telling myself that he had seen me in my bikini enough in the last few weeks as the weather had been very warm and sunny so what difference would it be to see me in my knickers. With my hands trembling a little and trying my best not to show him I was in any way nervous I unfastened the zip and wriggled my jeans down to let him see my boring plain white knickers 


I could see him give a little smile at my obvious discomfort as I tugged the jeans over my feet. With a last little act of defiance I bundled up the jeans and threw them at him. He didn’t really blink and caught them easily in one hand. Instinctively I put my hands at the front of the little knickers then as he went to walk to the middle of the lawn I reached back to try and tug the thin material over as much of my bum cheeks as I could. It was then that I realised we were still outside and told him we should at least go inside. Only to be told that there was not enough room to give it a proper swing and since I was not going to cry none of the neighbours would take any notice.


This was insane, why on earth was I doing this. He tapped the cane on the side of his leg and told me to come on over and stand in front of him. With a nervous look around, praying none of the neighbours were indeed watching or taking any notice I went over to him. He still had a smile on his face and said he was glad he was the one holding the cane and how I would soon regret my big mouth. I still had my hands covering the front of my knickers and he glanced down and without even a blink at the absurdity of the situation he tapped them with the cane. 


“Hands behind your back young lady, the bet is off unless you can do exactly as I say, understand Brat”, he said in a stern voice making my nerves ten times worse.


I was almost in a trance and even though I knew I could just shrug it all off as a silly joke something in the back of my head wanted me to go along with this. I moved my hands away and hesitantly put them clasped together behind my back and saw his eyes look down. I could feel his gaze directly on my knickers where they covered my pubic mound and could feel my face blush. The act of putting my arms behind my back somehow made me ease my legs apart a little as if I was standing on parade. He smiled at my obvious compliance and with a little tap to my thigh with the cane he told me to “quick march” around the garden to see if I could follow orders and if I thought getting his x-box was going to be easy I better think again.


I had no thought of refusing and folded my arms right behind my back now and began to walk on the perimeter of the lawn. My little white socks and black trainers seemed to contrast my bare legs  as he barked out an order to lift my knees higher and walk faster. I could feel my tight knickers work their way further and further between my bottom cheeks and with each step my bum jiggled from side to side. Jack was openly grinning at the spectacle and I even heard a muffled giggle from him as I turned to march up the garden away from him once more knowing my bottom was practically bare now. 


“Wow Brat, I know the gym is closed but you really need to slow down on the chocolate, that fat arse has eaten your knickers” he laughed.


I tried not to look at his face as I walked towards him and my eyes were focused on the cane as he was flicking it menacingly and wondered how on earth I was going to take 12 without crying. Why had my stupid big mouth got me into all this. I had to try and get back some control but knew I could not back down now and was probably going to be sleeping on my tummy tonight. I stopped right in front of him and kept my hands folded behind my back, cleared my throat and looked down at the ground.


“I made a stupid bet alright so can we just get on with it and will you cane my bottom 12 times” the words came out as if it happened every week.


He smiled, “Are we forgetting our manners Brat” he looked at me and waited.


 I mumbled “Please” and got a curt  “that's better” as  a reply. 


I was told to move over to the middle of the lawn and bend right over with my fingers touching my toes. As I reached down my calves and hamstrings pulled tight and to make it a little easier I opened my legs. He walked around me a couple of times and with my head down I could only see his feet now. With my bottom virtually bare and on display for anyone who cared to look out of their window I was surprised how Jack had taken to his role and knew I had seriously underestimated him. 


“Legs together Brat….. Bottom up…...no cheating, I'm not one of your stupid boyfiends you can wrap around your finger by showing all you got” he growled at me.

Before I could move a sudden “Thwack” swung into my bottom and a split second later a sickening pain seared into my skin. I took a gulp of air and just as my feet were together making my bottom seem to push out more another “Thwack” made me yell out. I could sense myself screwing my face up and taking short sharp breaths trying to concentrate and keeping in position and making as little noise as I could. A loud whoosh followed by a “whack” brought a fresh line of fire to my bum. I trembled a little and even my fingers were shaking trying to keep contact with my toes.


“Well Brat, that’s put three lovely red lines on your fat arse, ready for some more” he gloated.


The next “Thwack” seemed much worse and I stumbled a little and took a couple of steps and for a brief moment moved my hands. A loud gasp followed by gulps for air and I got back in position just in time for the next “Thwack”. I let out a few pathetic little whimpers and tried in vain to sniff back what was obviously a sob before another “Thwack” seared into my bottom. It was no use, my lower lip trembled and unmistakable sounds of sobbing could be heard. My head shook and I even wriggled my hips from side to side to try and shake some of the awful sting from my bottom.


A loud slap echoed around the garden as he delivered a crisp smarting smack to my bum with his hand making me gasp again my bottom cheeks jiggle.. I felt a little dizzy and struggled to stand up and reached back with my hands to run them over my burning cheeks. I was shocked to feel how hot it was and the six lines could easily be traced with my fingers. I saw Jack walk over and count the £50 in his hands with a huge grin on his face. Quickly I pulled the front of my pink t-shirt up and rubbed my eyes and even my nose and took a few deep breaths.


“Hey…..did you see a tear before you grabbed that money……..haven't you heard of Schrodinger's cat” god knows what made me think of that.


I was breathing hard now as he walked up to me and looked right in my face. I sniffed again and knew my face was red and my eyes probably a little wet. The skin on my bottom was bruning now where the cane had seared into it but despite the pain a strange sort of adrenaline rush ran through my body. He shook his head with a look of contempt on his face before turning and walking back to the table and placing the money down. 


“Look at the state of you…….get that gross t-shirt off and while you’re at it lose the knickers…..bet or no bet you deserve this next 6….I’m sick of you thinking you know everything and always trying to put me down” he snarled angrily at me.


I felt sick and never even considered arguing and pulled the t-shirt up with a brief struggle getting my head and ponytail through, threw it on the floor. My hands were actually trembling as I tugged the waistband of my knickers and felt them turn inside out before the back freed itself from between my bum cheeks and wriggled them down to my ankles. I put both hands over the narrow strip of reddish brown pubic hair in a desperate attempt to regain what modesty I had left. How on earth had I managed to be standing out on the lawn in just a white push up bra and socks and trainers. Jack looked more like he had won the lottery, never mind a measly £50 his smile was all across his face.


“Pick your clothes up this minute…..this is not your room which you keep like a tip…….get them in the laundry basket and get your fat arse back out here before I count to 10” he sneered.


I tried to keep one hand between my legs and bent over to pick up my t-shirt and knickers. Gathering them up in a bundle and turning towards the house. Knowing my bottom was now on full view to him and giving the perfect sashay from side to side with each step. He was counting out loud and had already got to 4 and despite having no idea what would happen when he got to 10 anyway I just kept walking almost in a trance. I walked inside and down the hall to the utility room where a tall mirror gave a perfect reflection of how absurd I looked. The red stripes on my bottom could easily be seen as I glanced over my shoulder and turned sideways.


He was looking daggers at me when I got back outside and without a word I walked to the same place as before and bent right over again. I tried to keep my legs together this time, not daring to even to think what I must be showing in this position now. Before my fingers had even got to touch the ends of my black trainers another scorching “Whack” sunk into my taught cheeks. I gritted my teeth trying desperately not to show how much he was hurting me as another “Whack” sliced into my upturned bottom. 


“This is typical of you Jade…….this could have been over now, but no you have to open that smart mouth don't you” “Whack” “Well maybe next time you try to act all clever you might think twice” “Whack”, he lectured me like you would a bratty 10 year old.


The pain was intense now and fresh tears were streaming down my face in between sobs and snivels. I was struggling so much to keep my legs straight, my feet were almost sliding across the grass on their own accord. I shook my head, more at my own stupidity for engineering this awful torment for myself than a protest for Jack to stop. The next “Whack” made me stumble forwards and howl out loud as he delivered it right across both my thighs midway between my knee and the base of my bottom. The sting was intense and I lost my balance and fell to the ground, not just openly crying now but almost bawling my eyes out. 


I was laying flat on the lawn now with my hands behind me with the conflict of trying to rub the ferocious burning and yet not wanting to press too hard into my cheeks. I was even kicking my legs and telling myself to try and think of anything other than the fire which felt so real on my skin. As my thoughts ran from my favorite pair of shoes to the smell of my most expensive perfume, anything to try and override the hell my bottom now was.  A sudden yank to my pony-tail lifted my head to look up at Jack holding his phone right in front of my face. The unmistakable sounds of the camera made me aware he had too a picture of me,


“There……..happy now we have tears on record so I can collect my money” he almost laughed.


Of course I nodded and he let go of my hair. He however wanted to make more use of his phone and told me to move my hands so he could have my  “arse” on file. Of course I could not refuse and let my hands fall to the side of me. I was still sniffing and sobbing as he told me to look over my shoulder and say “Cheese”. Oh god he was loving this now and I had brought it all on myself and screwed my face up as he held his phone up.


“Wow Jade…... your fat bum looks like rump steak fresh off the barbecue…..want me to get you some lotion” he grinned. 


I got to my feet and awkwardly tried to look around to see for myself. He was right, the red lines reminded me of the griddle pan and yes my bottom had well and truly been “Fried”. I was walking around aimlessly not knowing what to do when he returned. It was pointless to try and cover myself now as he had obviously seen more than enough. He ushered me to the table and still feeling dizzy I bent over. The cold of the lotion made me gasp and just as I comprehended  the indignity of his hands  roaming all over the cheeks of my bum a sudden fire erupted on my skin again. He was laughing so much as I shot to my feet and danced frantically around the table. The lotion was in fact the alcohol gel we have at the door due this ridiculous damn Covid. 


“There you go Brat……that’s for spoiling my game…..and you can finish clearing the shed on your own now” he laughed.


“Well don’t get too used your stupid x-box..its double or quits remember” I yelled.


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Very well written and I can just imagine being there too... if only I had ben a neighbour.. 

Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it rebecca



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I really enjoyed this story. As I read it, I could imagine being Jack, and also being a neighbour watching with great excitement what was going on in that garden. The author's descriptions put pictures in my head that made me want to keep reading. Well done rebecca!

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Very good story ...great fun to be inside the head of the spankee. Hearing her thoughts  as the events progress & getting a sense of what she is feeling both in pain & embarrassment during the caning.

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Very good story and realistic - certainly if you turned the power off while i was gaming i would be cross!! Then the smugness of someone who had never had the cane before thinking it would be nothing!! Let those tears flow my girl!

Well done good read

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Great story, thanks! But wasn't she a rash girl, and didn't even learn from her experience! I too would have loved to have been a neighbour looking through a hole in the fence!

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A very realistic account with all the ingredients an enthusiast enjoys. The build up and attention to detail is typical of this competent writer and she never disappoints.

I loved the reference to Schrodinger's Cat too as it is a favourite theory of mine.

Everythjng about this story was most pleasurable, Thank you Bex

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Excellent writing.  Very descriptive I felt like I could have been right there wondering what is going on.



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