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Looking for regular spankings in NC

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I’ve been in the spanking community for  5+ years now. I’m looking for an experienced & safe mentor/disciplinarian for regular spankings, ranging from mild, discipline, maintenance, stress relief, possibly erotic if there is a connection.
It’s not just the physical spanking for me, it’s the lecturing/scolding, being held accountable, corner time, removal of clothes, being put over a knee & having my bottom patted while being lectured, even temperature taking that makes the spanking experience complete. 
I’m open to considering things the spanker likes, with prior discussion.

I am a BBW & 40 so if that’s not your type, no need for rude comments, just keep going. I know my body type isn’t for everyone.

If you are interested or have any questions, send me a message. Looking forward to chatting & possibly a trip over your lap.

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I'm a 55 year old male who provides good old fashioned spankings to young ladies in need.  I'm careful and loving, but spank hard.  You'll feel loved, cared for, but genuinely disciplined and honestly sore.  Just looking to spank... sex, romance, relationships off the table.  I get to Pinehurst about monthly. Would love to chat.

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