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Any one switch?


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Clarify with your partner what you want and make sure they are on board with it. Some people are not interested in switching and some will not assume both roles with the same person. For example, if you spank someone they may relate to you as an EE and not be able to change their headspace to be your ER (although they may be comfortable spanking someone else).  Or, they may be able to switch with you, but not be able switch roles during the same session. It can sometimes get a little complicated.

Other than that, I don't really have any recommendations - do whatever you are comfortable with.

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All I know for the last 25+ years is switching with my wife.  So, for me, the natural thing for a switch is to find another switch. 

One thing I will say though, switches we both may be, but my wife and I do not switch in a single session, or even within a couple of days.  We each get a kind of dom/sub vibe going and it sticks around for a while until we re-align.    

The only time we have spanked each other at the same time is when we are doing a calibration session with new implements, and then, the setting is not about dom/sub so much as a clinical investigation of tools and techniques.  But don't get me wrong, that's a lot of fun too.

What I have not done is any serious play with straight doms or subs.  And even then, I pretty much was only ER when I was dating.  Finding a gal who would spank me was a real challenge.  Are you looking for a back-and-forth relationship with another switch?  Or looking to play both sides each with different dom and sub partners?


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I do switch quite a bit. 

For me, I have to be spanked before I spank. Otherwise I can't get into an EE headspace. 

I can go from EE to ER fairly quickly, but the other way around tends to take more time. 

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Yes, I have a recommendation. Though you may be a switch n compfortable with it, I would recomend sticking to 1 role per session n witch ever role you choose stick with it n play itt"KMMJFCHBoDRA@


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I've been to parties where we switched freely, one minute you're getting spanked and another one you're giving a spanking. Worked for me. I will say it took a while to get comfortable with that. The first time I got publicly spanked was kind of hard.

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I agree with some of the posts above.  I can’t switch with the same person.  I’ve been asked by a man I’ve spanked if I wanted him to spank me.  I couldn’t wrap my head around it, I’m not sure why other than to think I’ve already assumed a certain role that I’ve associated with that partner.  

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I have given a whole lot of spankings.  I have taken a whole lot of spankings. I thoroughly enjoy both (I prefer to and usually spank, but from time to time need my own bottom lovingly, carefully and thoroughly blistered) but never with the same person.  It's just confusing and challenging for me.  In any given relationship I always either spank or get spanked.

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I have switched in the same session with a male, but have never found a female who was interested in doing so. The females I have been with have definitively wanted me to be one or the other. I find that interesting ...

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Generally I'd consider myself a spankee. I've switched a few times but wouldn't define myself as a switch. Mainly because my needs are different. When I'm being spanked it's generally for punishment or maintenance. if I'm spanking it's much more a case of having a deserving lady over my knee and giving her a nice warm bottom with lots of massages and rubbing etc. I'd say I'm probaly 95 % spankee and 5% spanker but they are kind of separate. I self define as spanko through and through really.

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I've switched within the same session, but generally prefer to top first. No idea why that order but it appears to make that change of mindset easier for me.

At parties, I've switched back and forth aplenty, too. Something about that environment makes it easier, I think. I do miss parties...

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20 hours ago, Chawsee said:

I've had only one switch partner, my ex-husband. It was natural for us to switch roles, but we didn't switch in the same session. Either he was the top that time, or I was. 

Yes.  I concur on that.  My wife and I can't switch in the same session, or even in the same time-frame.  The dom-sub thing just ebbs and flows, but it's always one-way-or-the-other for a significant interlude.

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