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Punishment spankings:- what's the worst moment?

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On 12/23/2020 at 3:52 PM, no^angel said:

From the perspective of which moment is most difficult for me to get through, it's usually the moment of presenting myself for punishment, after any pleas are denied and the pronouncement of what's coming is made. It's that moment right on the cusp of normalcy/denial and acceptance. I'm usually there in my ordinary, everyday clothes going about my ordinary, everyday life, feeling in total control of myself like adulting people do, and suddenly I'm hit with the realization that it's all a sham, only in that surreal, in-between moment, I'm not sure which reality is the sham: Is it the everyday one in which I'm far too old, dignified, guarded, and self-sufficient to submit to another's correction, or is it the one in which I humble and bare myself physically and emotionally and end up crying like a child over someone's knee?

Even for an especially submissive spankee, choosing the second reality can take a moment or more of intense inner turmoil, especially considering that behaviors and attitudes leading to punishment can be distinctly lacking in humility in the first place, so a big shift has to occur. If the emotional control center from the Pixar movie Inside Out was a real thing, mine would have fighting, wailing sirens, and general panic and chaos during those moments. This is why having a few minutes to myself - in a corner or elsewhere - before the actual punishment sometimes helps me get in the right headspace, but extra time is a double-edged sword. 

Maybe REALTEARS is right and just getting on with it is for the best!

"adulting" - an entire post summarized in a single word? i have some adulting to do today. gotta get a job so i can get that apartment so i can spank someone in it and get spanked in it!

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On 12/15/2020 at 1:40 PM, Megthe said:

For me, the worst moment is

1. Trying to figure out when to come clean and confess

2.  If the punishment can't be given immediately (usually can't) waiting around for the instructions on the day that the punishment will be given.  Trying to have a normal breakfast and watch tv go shopping, etc not knowing WHEN or if he forgot.  I end up *behaving* punished all day until it is over.  

After last time, I told him I really need him to take charge on these days and let me know what we are doing and when we are doing it.  Without clear direction I don't even know if I should be getting dressed or making breakfast or what.


  @Megthe  Wonderful, thanks for posting.  If you remember please pop something in the 'When Will Your Next Spanking Be' section.  xx  PS, writing this in the last few minutes before my next!!  Time to get ready ...

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