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Where are you daddy? Montco, PA


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I logged back in after years of not looking here, and I saw your add. I’m a little bit of a drive away in Baltimore, but that does look like a bottom that needs to be accustomed to bruises.

My fiancé is also a bbw, and has quite enjoyed being spanked alongside other girls at events, and we are interested in finding additional play partners. She’s also bicurious and interested in exploring that more at some point, if you’re ever interested. We have a pretty fair collection of paddles, floggers, some canes, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, etc. She even got me a proper whip, although I still need to tidy up in the basement more to have the space to practice with it lol. We are lucky enough to live alone in a house in Baltimore, right at the edge of the city, so we don’t have to worry about apartment neighbors etc. when we play, although we have a fair bit going on with work and getting the house in shape and spending time with family. We also have 2 per rabbits. My fiancé is also a little, so if you’d be interested in someone to sit and color with after a joint spanking, or to play dress up with her collection of build-a-bear studies and outfits, that would also be a possibility. We got our first COVID shot last week, getting our second in another two.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi, see if you might be interested or were only looking for someone more local. Also, weird coincidence, it looks like we share a birthday.

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