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Spanking Roleplay - Looking for Spanker I am a spankee/sub

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I'm very interested in roleplaying with someone dealing with me being the spankee. I would like the setting to be school or home related. I have a brat in me that I don't want to actually take out with my dom because I don't want to be spanked for being a brat and he hates brats lol. That being said, I would love my bratty behavior to be subdued via role playing. A hopefully much more positive way to deal with the brat inside me. ?

If you wish to deal with the bratty schoolgirl or little girl within me let me know. She most certainly needs to be put into her place. I have a lot of kinks that don't just have to do with spanking that I would be happy to explore with someone. If you are interested please message me or respond here. I am looking forward to some fun/nervous as hell to get the brat within me taken down a peg or two lol. Hope to hear from you shortly! ???

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Hi there,

I only picked up now from your previous posts that you're interested in online role-playing. If you're happy to swap a few ideas we a wrinkly old spanko in darkest Africa (actually urban areas like Johannesburg are very much like North America and Europe), they send me a message and we can take it from there. Cheers.  

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