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How do you define spanking


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This is one of those questions that can be very subjective I guess but I'd be interested to see how others define spanking.

For me it's a sharp slap or series of slaps leaving no permanent damage on the buttocks or thighs with the flat of the hand or a flat object such as a paddle, hairbrush or slipper ,for punishment or erotic purposes. 

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The dictionary definition is "The act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause physical pain."  I'll stick pretty much with that. I don't think the implement used or reason for the spanking are necessarily part of the definition. I do maintain that spanking involves the buttocks though and when I see people talking about breast spanking or pussy spanking it seems to me that they should be calling those something else.

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I think that spanking is defined as striking the buttocks to cause pain or burning with hand or another object like paddle or belt.  I also believe part of that definition involved making the buttocks turn a bright red to a cherry red during the spanking to clarify the definition to make a spanking effective!!

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