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Clothing Spanking Poll for Male Spankees

For Male Spankees - Spanking Clothing  

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  1. 1. Do you associate a particular kind of clothing with spanking?

    • yes
    • no
  2. 2. What, if any outer clothing do you prefer to wear for a spanking?

    • Jeans
    • Dress slacks / pants
    • Gym shorts
    • Sweatpants
    • I prefer to be stripped to underwear or naked for a spanking
  3. 3. What kind of underwear do you like to wear for a spanking?

    • Boyish white cotton briefs
    • Colored briefs
    • Bikini briefs
    • Boxers
    • Boxerbriefs
    • Jock strap
    • I prefer to be stripped naked for a spanking

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I never really thought about it before I received my first real adult spanking, what my preferences were for clothing during a spanking.   All I knew was that I would probably be spanked bare bottom at some point, with my pants down or to some state of undress.

But, when the time finally came, and I met with my first spanker, she firmly told me “we both know why we’re here, so let’s get to it” and ordered me to “strip to my birthday suit, since those clothes will just get in the way and you won’t be needing them anytime soon.”  At the time, I was both super scared and thinking, what the hell am I doing?!?!  But, this is what I wanted and needed, almost backing out, but glad I didn’t!!   Now, it’s kinda my preferred way to be spanked, as it really sets the tone and puts me in the right headspace for what’s going to happen.

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My first adult spanking was totally nude as 99.9% of the rest.  Even as a child, spankings were always bare bottom and as an adult, being stripped frist just seems to be correct.  

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My wife has taken to putting me in panties for a spanking. Quite humiliating standing before her in panties but that is all part of the discipline idea. It's good to have a wife who will experiment with our discipline lives.

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I have a ( at the moment ) self spanking outfit of a white t shirt, grey v neck sweater, checked grey trousers and light blue brief style underpants. I sometimes wear pyjamas ( with no underpants ) for bedtime spankings. I don't always wear the outfits but if I especially want to go into that headspace I'll get dressed.

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I am caned for purely discipline purposes; there is no sense of sexuality whatsoever. But my mentor prefers traditional white briefs because the elastic allows them to stay roughly in place at the front while coming down sufficiently to expose the target area at the rear.

I adjust my own clothing but he lifts the shirt tail out of the way once I'm in position to be corrected.

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Depending on what my wife chooses, it’s either boyish tightie whitie briefs or panties. She likes to paddle in panties, and use the belt in briefs. Part of the session always involve some bare bottom time as well. 

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I prefer to be stripped down and be totally naked before the spanking even begins.  This makes the spanking more effecting burns my bottom more quickly makes it cherry red burning and on fire more quickly.  It also adds the embarsrnent and makes me more volunerable which makes the spanking more effective to change my negative behavior patterns!!!

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For me, the build up is being stripped but there is another approach I really enjoy. 

Basically, on my farm, we have an extensive wooded area and in the past, my friend and I go for a walk at which point he likes to handcuff me and shackle by ankles and then apply a blindfold. The moment my sight is removed, my other senses increase thereby increasing the over all anticipation of what is going to happen. My friend then leads me on a walk through the woods and at random times, stops and forcefully tears my clothes off until I am naked and ready for putting over an oak tree trunk. 

Besides the sexual turn on in the form of an erection, the anticipation is way too much to endure at times and on some occasions I have had an orgasm even before the punishment.

My friend likes me being naked outdoors and available for him whenever he wants and even whilst having a harmless walk, not directly spanking related,  he insists on my being naked. 

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Personally I find that the discipline feels the most realistic if it begins with me at least partially clothed. Typically I’ve been spanked wearing jeans or other pants, that at first, are just pulled down enough to expose my butt still in my briefs. After a few minutes that way the underpants come down too though and the majority of the spanking is delivered to my bare behind. My pants and briefs often stay down at my ankles for the duration. I’ve also been spanked in pajamas with no underpants on beneath (then bare bottom). Both of these feel “right” to me. 

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There's something about getting my jeans pulled down that isn't the same as getting my pants pulled down. I suppose i associate denim with being a kid or a rebel. Plus I love women in jeans like some like leather.

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I’d love to be spanked by someone whilst wearing my usual metalhead/punker type gear. Although I am now thinking of the girl I once met who had the Slipknot logo tattooed on her bottom. 😁 

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When my wife decides to spank me, I get spanked in whatever I'm wearing and it doesn't make much difference to me. In any case my bottom will be bare when I go over her knee. Usually this means pants and underpants around my ankles, but on occasion I've gone over her knee wearing just a bathrobe, and had the hem dragged up to expose my bare bottom for the paddle. 

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When I arrive for a disciplinary session, I’m dressed in jeans.  Those and my underwear both come down before the first swat.  It feels realistic this way, having to drop my pants.  I usually push them about half-way down my thighs, but soon they’re at my knees, then down at my ankles.  How does that happen?  🤔  I’ve never been stripped bare by my current disciplinarian, though I’d comply without resistance if she did request that.

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As I live in a female led relationship, my wife always gives me notice that I am to be punished. This notice provided is always outside of the end of the month spanking. She will announce in the morning that I am to spend the day naked and under chastity conditions so I don't relieve myelf. She will then also advise me what time she will find me and because I own the farm its not a problem for her making sure I spend a productive day being naked. 

My wife likes the control she has over me and the fact that even now, after all these years, I still find it humiliating spending the day ready especially when sometimes her sister will "pop over". She and her sister have always been close and share everything including updates on my conduct.

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