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On the spot self-spanking

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So about half an hour ago due to carelessness I broke a plate in my kitchen. Rather than doing my normal thing of feeling bad about if for ages I dealt with the incident self-discipline wise straight away. I went to my room, bent over some pillows, bared by bottom and gave myself 12 good hard whacks with my paddle. All the time I had an inner voice scolding me. Obviously there's a financial penalty as well what with having to buy a new plate. Honestly I feel so much better dealing with my mistake straight away rather than letting it linger. It fascinates me how real and genuine this spanking felt even though it was self-done.

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I'm working from home right now, and when I make a mistake, I take a break and immediately go and self spank. It's much more real than trying to self spank later, or feeling guilty about it. And I'm usually strict on myself when it's so close to when I did the mistake- it's fresh in my memories. Funny how much better it helps. 

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