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Female spankee - online spankings?


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Hi everyone! I'm a 39 year old woman who has been into spanking about as long as I can remember.  I've had a few small spankings here and there with previous boyfriends/ex-husband, but I have always craved more. 

I'm curious about trying out online spanking and mentoring. While I'm sure in person is more ideal, I'm just too nervous to go through with it!  Instead of waiting any longer, I figure better to do something now than just keep putting it off forever. 

So here I am, looking for someone who might want to work with me!  To be upfront, I am interested in adding some eroticism into punishments - it seems many on here want to keep it more nonsexual, but I'd like to combine the two. Also, I'm not necessarily looking for serious discipline in my life.  If I mess up big time, I'll definitely face the consequences.  And I have some things to work on, but generally I'm a pretty good girl. I believe I can still be motivated AND enjoy being punished!

So send me a message if you're interested!  Not sure if I'm comfortable with video chat so at this time I'm thinking ultimately something like weekly emails with some (faceless lol) pics or videos and starting off slow.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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Hey Mandie, 

I've worked with girls before online and been successful so lets chat about it and see what happens. One thing I should say I know your not real comfortable with video but to be honest its really the only way to know if you are doing what your supposed to do, anyone can send fake pics. So think about it and let me know. 



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