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I’m new to this site, my name is Georgia. I’m 23 and located in central Ohio. I’m a spankee and have been interested in spanking for pretty much my entire life, but ive never been spanked! I’ve been ashamed of this urge for as long as I can remember, and I’m trying to start embracing it instead of running from it. 

I’m looking for a regular spanker in the area. I’m interested in discipline, but first just want a spanking to see what it’s like since I’ve only ever just imagined it! I’m very fascinated by the hairbrush. I can’t travel, so if you’re a spanker in Columbus, let’s chat! 

I’m excited to meet and talk with other like-minded people :)

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Hi otkspankee,


I am a switch on Dayton willing to give you the 1st spanking you wish and the discipline later.  I can host, can You?

My process:

With new persons I like to continue email like this or my regular account.   OK?  

We talk on the phone.  OK?

We meet in public for a chat to insure we are both comfortable with what you want and how I will deliver it.  OK?  

I spank you right after that meeting or, if need be, we set a date and time and location.  

Let me know how / if you want to proceed.  

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Well. otkspankee?  You have the offers.  What's next?  

If you are serious start a conversation with your replys.  Ask ALL your questions.  Decide, I want to try or I do not.  Then move on with your life.  I have given many one time spankings.  ASs soon as the "KNEW" they wanted no more.  I have some regulars, bottoms up. 

Asa simple, spanking bottom, you are in control of what you can accept.  

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