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Hi everyone!

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I've been into spanking for as long as I can remember and actively seeking a domestic discipline relationship as the spanker for what seems like most of my life. I was raised a Christian, kind of grew away from the Church but never really from God and am working my way back to Him now. I always wondered whether God made me the way I am or if that's just something I rationalized to myself to justify being a spanko, though I constantly feel like God made me this way because there is someone out there who needs what I have to offer. I not only believe in domestic discipline but also spanking for therapy, stress relief and pleasure in the bedroom. I don't know if the woman I'm looking for is here but I pray to find her and the search remains seemingly eternally elusive. If you're out there and you're here, please let me know!

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Good to see you ❤️.  Working your way back to Him is the place to start and can be done in different ways.  Find what works for you.  I've wandered...not necessarily intentionally but more due to distractions and outside influences.  One day at a time :).

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