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Bare or not?


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Undies or bare was the norm in my family when growing up, depending on the situation. My wife believes bare is best and pitty help me if I disagree.  If I stand before her in undies I get my spanking in them and cop another one without them, so I have to agree with her that bare is best. One spanking at a time is enough.

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For myself, it is bare only, especially for an otk spanking which I take to mean hand/hairbrush or similar. I like the cane on the bare as well but for some that would be too severe so why not wear knickers or just avoid heavy implements. My favourite is a 6mm (1/4in) cane as it stings wonderfully on a bare bum!

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I am spanked over clothes and on bare skin. I like the "layered" approach sometimes, too - spanked on each layer and then the bare.

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A spanking is not a proper spanking if not on the bare bottom  I get it on the bare and when disiplining the spankee  does not always have the choice?!

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Bare bottom is the ONLY way with one exception: In the rare cases where spankings are witnessed by another, sometimes it's more effective to give a woman first a spanking on the panties, and then draw down her panties.  But only then.

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