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28 male disciplinarian in Billings, Montana region seeking a vibrant young woman to take under my wing


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I'm a strict disciplinarian looking for mentee to care for. I am experienced and have found great success in bringing the best out of the girls I have mentored. I will become personally invested in your life, and do all I can to help you achieve your goals.

If you have me as your mentor, you will also have me as your friend. You'll have someone who is passionate about you. Someone who supports you, and understands you. I will always be in your corner. I'll care and be concerned about you. I'll be there for you, at any time of day or night. I'll be your champion, I'll always have confidence in you. You will have someone who is there for you.

I'm zany. I'm fun. I'm positive. I want to cheer you up. I want to embrace you. I want us to giggle at stupid things, and marvel at the wonders of BBC's Sherlock. I want to be someone that you feel very comfortable with and trust completely. I'm going to be there for you, and rooting for you, 110 percent.

This relationship will be primarily goal oriented. We will identify areas in your life that need to be improved, and we will together form realistic action plans to tackle those areas together. You will always have a voice, and play an intimate role in forming these plans. Your progress will be tracked in detail, and you will be held accountable for everything we discuss.

We’ll work on changing your thoughts, the stories you tell yourself, the narratives that are keeping you trapped.

We’ll identify your goals, short-term and long-term, identify what is important to you, and develop a plan to get you there.

We’ll change your routine. Create a disciplined regimented environment for you to thrive in.

We’ll transform your lifestyle to one that is healthy, a nutritious diet, and regular exercise schedule, daily meditations.

When you falter, you will be disciplined, and it will be hard. It will be pure punishment. My focus is creating an experience so unpleasant you will improve your behavior so you do not revisit that place again.

Along with personal and severe spankings, cornertime, lines, scoldings, loss of privileges, and other non-physical punishments will also be used. I have no qualms about putting you in tears, or blistering your bottom, of stripping you down and embarrassing you, of giving you the scolding of your life, if it's needed to put you on track. All of these punishments will be done safely, with your well-being in the forefront of my mind. Your hard limits will not be used, and your soft limits only used when a serious offense has occurred.

Always expect generous and bountiful aftercare.

Let me be clear, while I will punish you every single time you deserve it, my end goal is not to punish you. You will find me more than fair and understanding. There will always be an in-depth conversation before a punishment occurs. And while I am strict, and will not let you get away with much at all, I understand sometimes, situations do not call for discipline, but just support and kindness . My end goal is to punish you less and less as time goes on. I want to see you become the person you want to be, the person you know you have in you, but haven't found a way to become. I find the greatest reward in that. And of course, rewards are just as important as punishment.

I'm only looking for one mentee at the moment, as I wish to put a great amount of time into you.

If you think you might be interested, I'd love a message so we can talk. Thank you for reading.

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16 hours ago, dmirk said:

I was pretty impressed with it myself.  

I’d love to have one mentee to really help her reach her dreams and potential.  

Alas, it has not happened.  

Think positive dmirk!  And if it makes you feel any better, I haven't had a decent spanking relationship in two years :).  

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30 minutes ago, dmirk said:

I volunteer but it wouldn’t be on demand unless there was a fair bit of travel involved. 

10 hours for one of us or 5 to meet in the middle....

C’mon. What’s 5 hours?...

Haha.  It's not the 5 hours driving there that would be the problem.  It's the 5 hours driving home...with a sore bottom :).  

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Well, I get that, and you’d certainly get that.  

I’ll bring you a soft pillow.  Once you get home you can send me a picture of you trying to sit in a hard chair.  

Easy.  Quick before the whole country locks down...

Hey, a guy can try.  You know sooner or later it’s happening...

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Five hours is a piece of cake.  Of course, I'm one who likes driving a lot.  Need a fun to drive car.  Thus I have a Mazda rather than a Toyota.

I'm a reasonable guy.  OK on the pillow and won't require the hard chair.

I'm such a pushover - other than turning your bottom crimson...

I'll find the halfway point which you'll likely promptly ignore...

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I’dI volunteer but it wouldn’t be on demand unless there was a fair bit of travel involved. 

10 hours for one of us or 5 to meet in the middle....

C’mon. What’s 5 hours?...


Ah!  Halfway point is Pittsburgh.  Nice city.  Could get nicer. 

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Help, my post has been hijacked!

I greatly appreciate the kind words, Jenna.

Make sure to have patience and give her a safe, comfortable, supportive, positive place to get to know you and trust you, dmirk. Put her first and give be a shelter she can rely on, and she'll come to you. I'm with you in the struggle.



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