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Allie and James


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Allie was sitting cross-legged on the floor, twirling the paper nervously around in her hand. She had no idea how this day had gotten so far out of control so fast, but from the moment she woke up, she knew she should just stay in bed. James always laughed, saying it was silly to think things like that, but Allie knew it. Allie knew, just like her favorite children's story. It was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And that's what it was.

She had turned off BOTH of her alarms, rolling back over and sleeping an additional 16 minutes--something she never did, and something that set her behind in her work commute by...well, 16 minutes. She let her coworker know she was going to be late, but from there it was non stop system issues. The day flew by, but nothing really felt accomplished. And then, on her way home, this had happened. She looked at the paper in her hand again, wincing.

Clear as day, it said she was going 79 in a 55. She felt the lump growing in her throat, as the minutes ticked closer and closer to James coming home. She had chosen to sit on the hard floor because she knew after he got his hands on her, she wasn't going to want to sit for a long time. She had thought about hiding it, but instead she had succumbed to the idea that she was going to be a sorry little girl. She had grabbed a straight backed chair from their carefully picked out dining room set, their wooden hairbrush off the bedside table where it always set, and set them in the spot they belonged when she was punished, and she waited. 

It seemed like forever. It was really only 40 minutes from the time she got home, until the time James got home. Of course, she had already called him and told him about the ticket. He had already had time to prepare ways he wanted to punish her, the whole ride home. 79 in a 55 wasn't just speeding--it was reckless. Allie heard the garage door open, and she felt the same butterflies she always felt when her husband came through the door, but this time he looked displeased with her, and she felt a wave of sorrow. 

"James, I--"

His strong hand made a sweeping motion for silence and her mouth snapped shut as he lifted her from her spot on the ground. He sat down on the chair and wasted no time at all in pulling her pants and panties off and making her step out of them, placing her over his knee.

"Why are you being punished, Allie?" She hesitated, and he began spanking almost instantly. His swats were firm from the very beginning. He wasted no time peppering her backside and halfway down her thighs with hard swats that had her gasping and whimpering. 

"I asked you a question. Do you feel like answering now?"

"For speeding, sir."

"For recklessly speeding. When I'm done with you, you're going to be lucky if you want to sit in the driver's seat again" With that, he picked the hairbrush up and went to work, while she wailed miserably. She lost count of how many times he made his way around her whole bottom. Every single inch felt like it was on fire, and she was sure she was going to feel it tomorrow, the next day, the day after that. He had never spanked her so hard before, no matter what she had done, and he didn't seem to be letting up at all.

"You, little girl, have gotten entirely too comfortable breaking our rules. You seem to think that they don't apply to you when we are not together. Is this reminding you who is in charge in this house?" She was gasping for breath with each swat and all she could do was nod her head frantically. It was as if he heard her, because the hairbrush stopped it's reign of terror. Allie let out an audible groan, and James laughed.

"We aren't done. We're just done with the brush. Go stick your nose in the corner until I'm ready for you, and Allie, your hands better not go anywhere near your bottom or I will start this lesson all over again, do you understand me?" 

"Yes sir." 

"Yes what?"

"Yes...daddy." Allie loved when James took care of her, but she always fought the titles. She always fought the care at first. James was going to make sure this was a lesson she wouldn't forget.

"Come here, Allie." Allie turned around to see him sitting on the couch, and blanched at what he held in his hand. She had read plenty of stories about it, but she had never experienced it herself--ginger root. One timid step in front of the other, she made it to him and managed to put herself over his knee. 

"I'm going to put this in your bottom, and while it's in your bottom I'm going to finish your spanking. Once it's all over, you're my little girl for the rest of the night. You don't go back to being Alexandra until tomorrow morning. Do you understand me? You do not call me anything but Daddy for the rest of the night, or I will spank you." Allie whimpered but nodded her head, hissing when Daddy spread her cheeks apart for the ginger. At first she didn't feel anything, followed by a burn that began to increase dramatically. And then the spanking started again.

"Going that fast puts you, and every other driver on the road in danger. I don't care how long you've been driving, how safe you think you are, what anyone else is doing. Driving is a privilege, little girl, and if you are too irresponsible to handle it,  I will take that privilege away from you until you can prove to me you deserve to drive again. I better never find out you were going that fast again, and I will be installing an app on your phone to monitor it." Allie couldn't help herself. From the minute his lecture began, she was bawling. She had managed to remain stoic for most of the punishment, but any time Daddy got this stern with her, it always hurt her heart. She always felt awful to have let him down this much.

She had been crying so hard, she hadn't even realized the punishment had ended, the ginger was gone, or that Daddy had flipped her so she was in his big strong arms. She nestled her face into his chest, remembering how her favorite children's book ends: with the realization that some days are like that. 

And in Allie's case, at least she had Daddy.



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