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Aim For The Sweet Spot

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I thought I would share a journal entry I posted to Fetlife:

When I mention the “sweet spot,” some people don’t know what I’m talking about.  It refers to the lower half of the buttocks – from the center down to the crease.  So what is special about it?   At least 3 three things come to mind.

#1 – It’s where you sit and that means you’re going to feel it the next day. Isn’t feeling it the next day (re-living the experience a little) something that many spankees enjoy? Even crave?

#2 – It is a safe area. When you are using implements, especially those that require skill to use, you may not always hit exactly where you are aiming. I have seen people hitting all over the place (even some people who were “experienced”). If you aim for the sweet spot and you hit a little high, you will most likely still strike the upper buttocks – good stuff. If you aim toward the top of the buttocks and miss high, you could strike the tailbone or lower back – bad stuff. People have bruised and even broken tailbones before with implements like paddles. If you aim for the sweet spot and miss a little low you will probably strike the upper thighs. Sure, that hurts. Oops, my bad...

#3 – The nerves in the lower part of the buttocks are part of the nerve network that includes the genitals. For those who derive pleasure from being spanked this enhances the experience.

A couple of other considerations:

Positioning – if using the hand, hairbrush, small paddle, etc. then over-the-knee can be an enjoyable experience for both partners and it is easy to work on the sweet spot. It is certainly the most intimate position to spank in.  For larger implements like paddles, canes, crops, whips, etc. I prefer a bent-over position – think spanking bench, bent over a sofa arm, on all fours with head down, etc. This makes the target available in a way that accentuates the sweet spot and minimizes the likelihood of accidentally hitting in a danger zone. Some people prefer a standing position (i.e. cross) for impact play – I have seen people injured in this position if hit high with a paddle, for instance. Proceed at your own risk.

Wrapping – the sweet spot does not include the hips/flanks. If you are using a flexible implement like a cane or whip, the implement can “wrap” and contact the flank area. Most people do not like to be hit there – it is a different kind of “hurt” and not a good one. Of course, this is a generality – there are hard-core masochists who don’t really care where they are hit long as it hurts. Good for them.

One last thing – if someone is positioned such that the sweet spot is displayed as the primary target area, then you are probably enjoying the view.

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Good point about the wrapping.  Something most of us want to avoid 

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Yeah. Accidentally did that one once. 

Never again. 

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I've always enjoyed sweet spot spanking- so many don't know about it so thanks for sharing the info😀

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