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Altona, Winkler, Morden.... Manitoba

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There seems to be very few spankos that are from Manitoba. But if there are, I would love you to contact me; and chat. Perhaps even get together: discreetly.

If there is anyone in the Manitoba area, especially in the Altona, Winkler, Morden area - anyone that needs a spanking: men or women - let me know.

I say men or woman cause this is non-sexual as I am happily married to a vanilla wife, and sexual is reserved for her.

My main spanking role is as a loving, yet strict father - therefor I would prefer someone younger than myself.

P.S. I do on line spankings also, for those that live in a place that has no access to someone to spank them; and are willing to obediently self-spank-on-command - and more:  like corner time - recording to add embarrassment - and so on. We will discuss what we want, and feel comfortable with ahead of time - I prefer dealing with REAL discipline not just fantasy.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Daddy Jim Knight (redknight) 

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