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First REAL spanking administered

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As with many of us, this has been with me since my earliest childhood memories. Growing up and into young adulthood there were a few opportunities to spank some willing bottoms, but I always held back a bit, stopped way too soon, afraid of causing damage, overstepping the (imagined) established parameters, or whatever other guilt ran through my mind. Even during marriage to a vanilla partner, she berated me when I mentioned that spanking was a long held fantasy. So I tried to bury the thoughts, unsuccessfully. 

So after divorce and many years ago, I discovered the internet... and other spankos. An unsolicited email to a long-suffering, wannabe bottom got a response. She was as anxious to be on the receiving end as I was on the giving end. The only problem was she was in California, and I was in New Jersey, (Literally across the country). After months of emails she happily advised of an upcoming trip to New York to attend to some business. I arranged a day off from work (not easy) and took the train to New York City, and, at long last met her at her hotel.

When she opened the door with a big smile, it felt like this was the moment I'd been waiting for my whole life. And although she wanted to savor the moment, and suggested on starting over her shorts, I was having none of it. Right to bare bottom, and otk, the entire day in that hotel room was spanking (along with some scolding/lecturing for committing a few misdemeanors (real or imagined - can't remember anymore) but it was glorious. The sight of her ample bottom slowing turning a blushing pink, finally a glowing sunset. Her squealing, the oohs and aah - the girl could really take a spanking. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

We had made plans for me to return the following day, but the circumstances of my work would not allow it. We did however, keep in touch though email for quite a while, However, I did discover other female spankees much closer to me on the internet, and took advantage of every opportunity. And while I enjoyed every spanking I had the pleasure to administer thereafter, I'll never forget that first REAL spanking I finally got to give.

And since I do not share this with anyone else, I'm pleased to be able to post this memory here.

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