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Dying for a Spanking in SE Florida


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I also desperately need a spanking and are willing to switch roles as spanker and spanked. I like using paddles wooden spoons and hairbrushes. Need to be descrete because wife just does not understand wlarge.IMG_20200902_194500.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_195027.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_185825.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_195413.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_195427.jpglarge.IMG_20200829_211816.jpglarge.IMG_20200829_211853.jpglarge.IMG_20200813_131014.jpglarge.IMG_20200813_135250.jpglarge.IMG_20200813_135416.jpglarge.IMG_20200813_140055.jpghy I like to be spanked.  I desperately need a hard naked butt spanking so my naked butt us cherry red and on fire for days after no black and blue or bruses. My own experience has been self Spanking and here are some photos of my self Spanking experience!!

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