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My Adult “Foster Parents”

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*this is my favorite fantasy and is not a true story. 

I met a couple in their late 50’s on a spanking site. The Smith’s were looking for an adult “foster son” to come stay with them from time to time. They had raised 4 children who had moved away and were looking to recreate their parental positions. We had talked for awhile and had agreed that I would come to stay with them at their home for a week. During this time I would be treated as their son with chores, expectations, and of course, discipline. Even though I was 32 those would be the conditions along with a bedtime.

The day finally arrived and they pulled into my driveway in their minivan. We greeted each other and I was told to sit in the back of the van. As we began the 4 hour drive to their home we chatted and got to know each other some more. I was very nervous but the environment was very comforting. As we drove down the highway we began to slow down and move towards an exit. At this time Mr. Smith began to talk to me in a firm manner.

Mr. Smith- during your stay you may call us Dad/Mom or Sir/Ma’am- any disrespect, disobedience, or failure to meet our expectations will result with you having a blistered bottom. I assure you- after a spanking from either of us you will not be sitting comfortably for a week!

Me- Yes Sir. I understand and will do my best to not disappoint either of you. 

Mr Smith- Very well. I will expect your complete compliance with directions from this moment forward. Do you understand? 

Me- Yes Sir. 

Mrs Smith- You may have noticed that we are pulling into this service plaza- we have found after raising our children that they would often get bored on road trips and begin to misbehave. Since then, before we left for any road trip we would spank each of our children as a reminder to behave. Therefore, as you our now our son you will receive the same treatment. 

Me- Yes . . .  . a a a Ma’am

(Van parks in far corner of service plaza)

Mr. Smith- Your mother is going to come back and give you a spanking. If you give her any trouble I will bend you over the hood of the van and whip you with my belt until you wish you we’re never born. Do you understand?

Me- Yes Sir 😔

(Mrs. Smith moves to the back of the van with a wooden hairbrush in her hand and sits down)

Mrs Smith- stand up and stand in front of me. 

(I quickly move to comply trembling at the thought of my new father’s belt. Mrs. Smith unsnaps my jeans and lowers them to my ankles. She then hooks each of her thumbs into the elastic of my mandated tighty whities and lowers them to my mid thigh)

Mrs Smith- (taps her lap) let’s go young man you know where you are supposed to be. 

(I kneel on the seat and slowly lower myself over her lap. She shifts me sideways to position my bottom to her liking, I then feel her palm resting on my right cheek.)

Mrs  Smith- Are you ready?

Me- (meekly) Yes Mommy

Wack!Wack!Wack!Wack!Wack!Wack! Spank!Spank!Spank!Spank!Spank! X25

Me- whimpers and wiggles and begin to cry 😢

Mrs Smith- Will you be a good boy doing our trip home?

Me- Yes Ma’am! I promise! I promise I’ll be the best boy! Please stop. Please mommy!

Mrs Smith- Well I believe that you will be but just to make sure I am going to give you 5 very hard swats with the hairbrush.After each swat you are to count and say “I will be a good boy”. If you fail to count correctly or not repeat your affirmation we will begin again. Do you understand?

Me- Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am, I won’t disobey you.

Mrs Smith- Please reach your right wrist up and give it to me.

(I comply and she takes it and pins it to the small of my back. Then, takes her right leg and puts it over my legs locking me into my fate and perfecting her target)

Swat! 1! I will be a good boy!

Swat! 2! I will be a good boy!

Swat! 3. . . . 3 I willlll bbbbbeee a good boy

Swat! (Sobbing uncontrollably) foooouuurrr I I I will bee (sob 😭) a a a gooddd boy 

Swat! Fiiiiiiivvvveee I will (😭😭😭😭) beeee a  goo goods bbbbboooy.

Mrs Smith: Good boy. I hope that will remind you to mind your manners and behavior during our trip. Now Stand up.

(I stand and she gives me a hug and pats my bottom. She pulls my underwear and jeans back in place and offers me tissues.)

Mrs Smith- Now sit down as best you can and buckle up. We still have long way to go.

(She returns to her seat and the van is started)

Mr. Smith- I’m proud of you son for taking your spanking like a big boy. I hope to see that same behavior during your bedtime belt lickin’ from me tonight. 

Me- 😔😔😔😔😢😢 (the burn in my bottom begins to get hotter and I begin to tremble like a scared child) Yes Sir . . . . 

To be continued if you all like it . . . 



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I like the idea of real disciplinary spankings, but I don't really like to disobey, so this motif of preventative discipline to head off disobedience appeals to me.

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What a great concept. I have similar fantasies and roleplay them with a friend so I really enjoyed your fantasy, thank you. Yes, please continue.

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