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Other terms for spanking

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You can pretty much find names for spanking after most implement too. 







Etc erc

I've also heard the term thrashing used before now and I sometimes like to use the phrase "smacked bum/bottom."

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8 hours ago, Amethyst_Moon said:

I like the phrase "warm your bottom" for a spanking.

And if belts, straps, or something similar is used, I always call it a whipping. It just sounds a little more intense to me, and I just love it for some reason. 

I agree with you. I love those phrases.

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Fun topic. i use "paddling" and "strapping" most (and sometimes spanking), since they seem to describe the action taking place.

On a fun note though, one day at work last summer (summer of 2019!) when a fair number of us were together, one of the terms came up. A discussion had ensued about something a husband had done. Then, someone asked one of the Women, "What would you do if Your husband came home with that?" She didn't bat an eye or miss a beat. She said directly, clearly, and forcefully: "He'd get a whoopin'!"

i wished i could have said something, but i didn't dare! Yes, that was memorable!

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4 hours ago, ukspanko said:

Where I grew up in the uk if it was being done with the hand it was a "smackbottom" and if an implement was used by implement name - eg "slippering", "belting" or "caning".

Same here.

Another name was 'good hiding'. 

In the UK 'spanking' was usually thought of as systematic hand spanking of a young child over the lap of the spanker.

But 'slippering,  belting or caning (etc.)' were often to adolescents or teens and involved the recipient lowering their own clothing and bending over an item of furniture....beds, chairs and tables come to mind.

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Most of mine have been said. But my spanker had a code word for out in public if I was cruisin' for a bruisin' (whoops, another one! Lol). He'd say first his said was bothering him, he may need an aspirin in a few minutes. Then if I kept up, he'd say he needed some aspirin. Aspirin was code for my ass burning. If he really needed something for his head, he'd ask for a Tylenol. LOL

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