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When was your last spanking from your parents?

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49 minutes ago, PET5 said:

About an hour ago. First in well over a decade. Im living with my mom due to financial issues at the moment. Anyway we disagree on many things and I referred to her as 'fucking idiotic.' She didnt like that.  

She put  me otk and used her hand and a wooden spoon. Im feeling a bit weird about it. 

Seems justified to me. 

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I was 12. My mom gave me a good paddling, I don't recall why, and when I pulled up my pants over my sore bottom, I noticed I had an erection. This was surprising but not embarrassing since the only thing I associated with erections at that time was needing to pee. A year later I knew more about what an erection meant and would have been extremely embarrassed to have one in front of my mom! My mom appeared not to notice my erection, but looking back I think she did and was embarrassed. After that she always said I was too old to spank, and assigned some other punishment. Belt spankings from my father stopped also, but the had been less frequent and were usually "wait until your father gets home", so with mom grounding me, etc, it didn't come up.

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I was 12. I was caught with a cigarette at school. Got a stroke of the cane on each hand, and later at home a good spanking over my dad's knees with his slipper. 

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I was never spanked as a child. But I loved pretend games like “house” where there was a spanking element and I got to play the naughty kid.  So… I’ve always been a spankee, despite my angelic childhood. ? 

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I was 14 and got caught smoking at school with two other boys. My mother came to pick me up from school and said "when we get home go straight to your room and wait until your father gets home". it had been well over a year since my last spanking so was not sure what was going to happen. My younger sister had gotten a spanking a few months earlier sop I knew it was an option. When DAD got home he and my mother came to my room to lecture me and I gave some attitude. I still remember my father saying "young man today your getting an attitude adjustment. I was over he knee pants down getting the spanking of my life. I later found out that my older sister had a friend over and they heard the spanking. Years later I became close with that friend Heather and she told me she felt sorry for me that day and wanted to comfort me. She also told me about her last spanking. To this day I love sharing spanking memories. Please PM me if anyone wants to hear more share or chat. Jay

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I was 14. I got the belt from my dad for riding my dirt bike on the street and then lying about it when I was ratted out by our neighbors. I never pulled that stunt again.

I think about that whooping every time I see a kid doing the same thing. 

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I was getting spanked by my mom up until I was 19. At the time was still living at home and taking prereqs from a community college. She paid for all my tuition and basically would say that as long as I still live here it's still as it always has been, rules don't change just because I am older. In a way she was right. Stopped after I moved out. 

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Most spankings I received happened when I was 4-6 years old. It did not happen often. Maybe 4 times a year. It was usually my dad who gave me and my big sister spanking. But the very last spanking I got at home was when I was 10, and it was from my mom.
This means my mom actually broke the law because corporal punishment in DK was banned in 1997, and I got my last spanking in 2000. Later we have joked about it. My mother says "In fact, it should have been me who should be spanked for breaking the law".
I can not deny that, but it must be her own case ?

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On 7/7/2021 at 12:00 PM, gravano said:

All I remember is that when I was about 14 my Mom raised her hand to hit me, and I grabbed her forearm and told her next time I would break it.  That ended any further attempted assaults. 

If she raised her hand to hit you and you were in a position to grab her forearm, she was not trying to spank you. Lashing out and hitting people is indeed an assault, and is abuse not discipline. 

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About 17 years old for me if I recall,  my dad did the ass whooping in my house, usually the belt across the ass. 

When I turned 16 I decided I wasn't going to bend over for it anymore.. It didn't quite turn out that way, I got a whipping several times through my 17th year. 

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I must have been around 10 or 11 last time my mom spanked me. It was always my mom for some reason I still don't know, and it always took place in the bathroom with her seated on a stool kept there for the purpose, the extractor fan on full blast- I guess to mask the sound- and me bent over her knee. 

No implements or anything harsh, just the almost-ritual walk of shame to the bathroom, followed by getting into position over her lap, a few swats over my underwear and off to my room for time out.

Looking back it barely even rated the term "spanking", but boy did I dread that look that told me I messed up.

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